Dabedi praccing LoL

Yo guys

We, team dabedi, are owning teams at 1100 elo. Follow us on my stream.


We're awesome.
2busy succeeding irl sorry
succeeding irl is like playing in a sandbox

get skill n00b
The free ELO safari bus!!!
WOW NIGGARS - we got this ! 1100 elo <3
fuck yeah! WHERE IS MY ELO!?
someone knows how to make the quality better on xsplit? Just found out that it is terrible.
theres probably some quides on solomid.net and multiple other forums.
Not sure how updated its on solomid.net tho
oh yeah. Will look there. Cheers mate :-)
i think people would choose the 2600elo guys instead of 1100 ;p gl tho
but we're all from this community :( We're not even that bad actually and we're improving every single day. AND we're really fun! But you're right. People will probably choose any decent player at 2000+ elo before us :<

I really need to fix the quality before I stream again tho....
rolling nerds at 2700 ;)
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