Buying cheap plane tickets

I was wondering if anybody here knows whats the best way to buy plane tickets.

Today I bought mine, Amsterdam - Jakarta (780 euro). But I'm wondering if I can't do it cheaper. Every year it feels like just being lucky to find a decent priced ticket without stops that take more as 2 hours (I hate stops!)
I noticed that everyday the prices are different, yesterday the ticket I bought now was still 984 euro. How can it be so much cheaper now? What is the best time to buy a ticket?

Does anybody have any tips or tricks to find even cheaper tickets? It might be useful for next time I go to indonesia (or some other place)

Small tip for benelux people, is 1 euro cheaper as KLM itself and 2 euro cheaper as :D
Browse in incognito mode. If you're searching around some sites track & jump the price when you return. Source /r/

There seems to be less cheap flights out there nowadays :-/
no idea, but would like to know it.
780 euros is cheap???
780 for a retour ticket to jakarta is a very nice price! dont think you can get them any cheaper... and if you do.. it wont be that much. I went to Bali quite a few times for surfing and i never found a ticket as cheap as yours
yep, that isn't an expensive ticket
Last year I found a ticket for 725 euro with Garuda, now I'm flying with KLM. China Airways or Cathey Pacific goes for 670 atm but they have 8 hours stop in China (total time is only 15 hours though).

I tried searching flights from Dusseldorf and Brussel also, Dusseldorf was a bit more expensive and Brussel 20 euro cheaper (but you go from Brussel to A'dam first xD).

btw any places I should visit in Bali? I'm going there for week too, haven't booked anything yet though, will do that in Bandung because from there you can get flights to Bali for around 300k rp.
when visiting Bali, rent a scooter and avoid the big city's like Kuta and Seminyak. try to find the beautiful beaches of Balangan, Padang Padang, Uluwatu and Nusa dua (last one is still a little big)
Those beaches are pretty hard to find, but they will blow you away!

I have only traveled around the southern parts of Bali because of the surf, but i hear the north-west and northern parts are beautiful too!
btw a nice tip would be to see if there are any flights departing from Dusseldorf. Its a fairly short distance for dutchies and sometimes the planes that depart from Dusseldorf are a lot cheaper.

best time to book flights would be (exactly) 6 months in advance (vroegboekkorting) or between a day and a week before the plane departs.
Missed a € 0.9 ticket for Budapest some weeks ago. I was fucking mad. probably one of the cheapest. Got a oneway ticket to Philippines from Finland Helsinki with 500e.
thought I have 2 stops, but both 1,5h, so I doesnt really matter :)
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