Christmass miracle

Normally it would have not been necessary to make a second journal so fast, but what happend in the last 60 minuts needs to be shared.

Today was the last day at the university, and hours got canceled because it was just me and another girl who came. Teacher and us discussed about the freshman prom and than teacher decided to let us go. I exchanged few more words with the girl than I was on my way back home. But first i had to stop to Kaufland to buy something for family,normal stuff, nothing out of ordinary. When I left home, I took some present tickets I got it as a bonus from the company. You can buy stuff in hypermarkets with it. When I got in Kauflant, the tickets was gone. I thaught that I forgot it home. I had arrive home, no track of the tickets. I got mad. What the fuck I was thinkin to myself, am I stupid or something : D ? I perfectly remember that I actually took the tickets and put it somewhere, either my school bag or in my pants , but now it was vanished. Boy I got really mad. You know when you perfectly remember you had that shit in your hand and now it just dissapears without a mark, I don t know about you, but this was like fuckin hilarious , but in a bad way. So finnally I decided to go back to university, I thaught maybe I m crazy and somehow I left it there. It takes me around 10 minuts by foot, from home to uni. At the middle of it, there is an intersection. One of the streets comes from a merchandising deposit. Just when I was crossing that street, I looked down, on the ground. Fuck, I see an envelope , just like the one I got. "GTFO, It can t be mine, I mean serioussly, in the middle of the street?" But than I stopped. Rolled back few steps. Lay down, pick the envelope and open it. Can you guess what was inside? For around one hour, cars, people and nobody thaught to pick that envelope up, but me. Miracles happens man, but for me it never did. Until now.

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Didn't read.
me neither
Had a tear in my eye reading that, what a wonderful story. Such a happy ending

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i stopped reading at university.

I'm surprised i even got that far, i must be bored.
thought the story was about a kind person who finally gave you a sandwich in the street
"What the fuck I was thinkin to myself, am I stupid or something : D ?"
well fuck all y'all, i liked it! MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D
Merry Christmas as well to you !
QuoteToday was the last day at the university

Where you work as a janitor?
tbh, unforgiven is more normal then you! your trolling is so stupid and everyting else is just plain stupid. kid, get a grip<<<<<<!
stopped reading at "girl" then i knew this story is made up
I wanted to make a photo of the envelop, right there in the middle of the street, in dirt and snow, but cause I left mad from home I forgot to take the phone. Is all true, even know as we speak I m thinkin what was the chances to find it after one hour in a place where at least 100 ppl had passed?
And the world didn't end either
QuoteWhat the fuck I was thinkin to myself, am I stupid or something : D ?

That's exactly what you are inbred gypsy imbecile :dd
says the guy who doesnt know if hes black or white :P
Exactly, because I am neither of them
The anwser is wrong, in america u would be called black person, a negro :D
why u wasting time with this fucktard? let him die stupid, he has this right
Quote hours got canceled because it was just me and another girl who came.

Quoteme and another girl who came.

Newsflash, unforgiven is a girl.
do the chicken dance with me :$
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I wish I still had the screenshot of your penis, hilarious :D
dafuq dude, saving dicks on your PC? :(
Well, in this case it was just too hilarious, had to take a screenshot :D
Which penis screenshot you talking about mate , because there was 2 and one of them was not my penis. The one chickita posted it was not mine. Mine was the one I had on my profile and the one I used to make those journals against Tosspot when he refused to post my article about Skrym.
I don't remember.
Pics or gtfo
I always knew you re gai
No, just want something to laugh at
And the best thing you can find to laugh at is a pic of my dick? I always knew you are gai and stupid
QuoteAnd the best thing you can find

Well, maybe with Hubble telescope.
ask your mother she has different oppinion
You're right, she told me this exists, and is 10x more powerful than Hubble. Should help lots thanks for the idea!
On that porn website, innit? :d
cool story, gypsy
epic ! :)
I find this hardly readable...
none of us gives a shit
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