Monitor blacks out on 120hz using displayport


I hope one of you has any suggestions..
I just bought a new monitor (benq xl2420t) to replace my exploded samsung 900 crt.
I connected it to my laptop, a hp envy 17 which i got from work. I am using the displayport as there is no dvi available on the laptop, and hdmi does not support 120hz afaik.. I'll post specs when i get home.

Either way, it took me a while to calibrate it but now the screen works fine on 60hz. However when I enable 120hz using duplicate/extended/main only mode (windows 7) it occasionaly blinks black for 1-2 seconds and then resumes to work as it should. Sometimes this occurs multiple times a minute, sometimes it doesnt for 15 minutes...

I have tried alot of things found on google/forums/... But to no avail. Already spent a day on it, about to give up..
Any of you can bé of assistance?

your graphic card most likely doesn't support it
avi morgen?
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Check if your graphic card supports the desired hz at your resolution:

image: 949Mb
Try installing the drivers located on the cd, although you've probably already done this.
Also someone on tomshardware says this in response to someone having issues with colours: You can try with an RGB cable, but you won't get 120Hz with it I think.

I have the same monitor and using the dvi cable and I get 120 hz without any problems.
thanks for your comments.
In the end I just did some more random stuff with some betadrivers for my card and now it does seem to work properly, let's hope it stays like this :O)
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