Anyone of you guys playing this game? What do you think about it?

I really enjoy playing WarZ and I have so much fun with my mate. The game clearly needs some changes and I heard people were kinda disappointed in the game but it got the potential to become a great game. Now I hope that the team behind WarZ will improve it.

My mate and I might be looking for some people to play it with. We're still new to the game but we're not that bad. Feel free to join us if you want to have some fun.

Enjoy your holidays!

havent played for months since i didnt buy it and i have no guest key :(

it was rly boring and scary to run together in the jungle till u go to the airport, i mean you walk for 30mins and nothing happens

we did a raid once, ran for 1 hour, went to the airport, got killed by a cheater, he camped in a room, insta killed 3 of my mates, i didnt make any noise, camped, i heard him coming, preshooted and still died

/we mad

but still fun when you play as group and chase others ;D

ps: if u have some guest key let me know, or where to buy it cheaper :d
don't have any guest key, sorry :< but my mate bought the game on sale on steam. It was pretty cheap. Don't know if it's still on sale though :/
ye, valve retired the game from steam yet
T'as essayé de dire quoi là? :p
google traduction:
soupape de retraite le jeu de la vapeur encore

valve, à retiré le jeu de steam pour l'instant

jsais pas si "yet" s'utilise pour cette phrase
rofl le google translate :D
Alors tout d'abord, retired ce n'est pas retirer
Et tu devrais plutôt dire "yeh, Valve removed the game from Steam already", ça sonne plus Anglais :P
to be retired c'est être à la retraite ;)
ouais je sais bien pour le "im retired", c'est l'habitude avec le francais :d

already on peut l'utiliser comme "pour le moment"? j'aurais plus penser à "currently" mais j'ai voulu tenter le "yet"
already c'est plutôt dans le sens "déjà".
Et si tu veux utiliser currently tu dois reformuler comme ça
"ye, Valve currently removed the game from Steam"
Et "yet" signifie aussi "déjà" mais dans un autre sens, par exemple
"Are you dead yet?" (es-tu déjà mort?)

C'est assez compliqué d'expliquer "yet" et "already", surtout que je suis pas anglophone à la base. Je te conseille de lire ceci ou de consulter google si tu n'as pas encore compris :D
not yet (pas encore, pas pour le moment)

je voulais l'utiliser dans ce sens, sinon pour le reste je sais
Great game to play with friends but without them its boring, so all depends if u have few freinds to play.
Can't agree more. When I'm playing alone I get bored after a few mins but when I play with some mates I can play for hours and have a lot of fun!
Great game to play with friends
dayz -> warz
Got both games. Hard to say which one is better tbh. WarZ is easier imo.
how can it be hard to judge which software is better?
it might be hard to say which one is subjectively more fun to you but from a pure "state of development" standpoint there can be absolutely no doubt.
just hang yourself
die eloquenz und aussagekraft deiner argumente lässt mich alt aussehen.
I don't get it.... I might not be the greatest game of all times but it isn't THAT bad tbh. It's really fun.
Most of these reviews are not really fair. I guess you missed the story and don't know why the WarZ is so controversial?
Don't think I heard anything about it. What happened?
The developers released the game on Steam without telling it's still in alpha and listed bunch of features which was not included in the game. Steam customers started whining and WarZ community manager responded with deleting every negative post on Steam game hub which made customers even more angry. The final nail in the coffin was an interview with the executive producer or whatever who pretty much blamed the customers for "misreading" features (complete bullshit). Imho it was a ticking bomb with all those controversy prior to release and it exploded. It's shame because the game itself is ok I guess and fair competition is always good but the developers doomed themselves with their behavior. We'll see how DayZ standalone will end up.



Oh wow heard the developers failed but not like this... My mate bought it on steam and when he told another guy to buy it, it was gone.... Damn

I just can't wait for the DayZ standalone! Hopefully it will be amazing
2 words - epic fail
Playing it with a mate atm & it's rly funny , great survival horror imo but we need more people to play too

If u want to play with us just pm me & let's play together ;)
Alright I'll probably send you a pm soon when I get on my main computer. Would be great!
bought got bored after 2 weeks, if anybody wants my account /pm
are you serious? Because I could use it :D
preordered the alpha.
have long since returned to playing DayZ (once in a while).
There is a massive shitstorm surrounding that game with big youtubers slamming it (totalbiscuit for example).
Its the only game that I know of that has been taken off steam after release and they started a refund campaign.
The game has only been in development for 6 months now and is basically, and not surprisingly, a reskinned version of WarInc. The only thing the game offers is PvP as zombies are incredibly buggy and lack in everything from pathing over animations to interesting features or aspects. Gunplay wise the game feels more like a shooter than DayZ does which feels like a simulator at all times. In any other aspect it just isnt developed far enough.
They wanted to make quick money off the DayZ hype and got scared into releasing when the standalone got announced. Usually we would never get to see a game in such an early stage of the development cycle.
The ideas they have are actually quite interesting and would make it less of a fully commited hardcore experience than DayZ is which I as a semi-casual gamer would appreciate. It does need a few more years to get there though.
All of this would not be so tragic if Hammerpoint had a real PR department. Their statements (aka lies) and press communication have been an absolute disaster and brought upon them the wrath of the internet.
They have flat out lied about pretty much everything ever and refuse to give in. They did update their description on Steam by now but at least the map size part of it is still a complete ruse into making people believe that it is an MMO as they state that the current map colorado is 100km² but every "outdoorsy" person, or even with a militairy backround will immidiately notice that it is not the case (in fact it has been shown that it is somewhere between 9-10km²).

I could rave on for hours as there really is enough to talk about but their forum itself is absolutely full of that stuff. The game could really become quite nice one day but at the moment its nothing more than "PvP with perma death" and they have really lost the trust and sympathies of gamers.
If anyone is intrested in reading more about this you can find a lot of info here
le reddit hivemind hates game so do i
It's a ripoff and not avi anymore on steam because they lied in the game info.
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