Longtime no see :)

Hello xFIRE.

Missed me ? I guess so?

Wat u eatiN?
I ate 8eggs and yes with the yellow aswell ! Yummiiee

How does it goes for the training people here, shaare ur awesome pics, I can start.

I Heard that some guy called sw11riuz or smht, always complain to people how bad trained they are etc etc, but never showed himself, now its time for you aswell swiri1uuz

I start:
image: 165020_10151414570148083_213313133_n
The picture is 20hours old, fucking xmas food made me 6-7 kg fater !
mirin dat boulder shoulders
haha thx ;d
think you can work on upper chest tho ( no homo)
mirin dat phone
sick cunt
the fuck, you grew some body+facial hair

welcome to adulthood m8
weight and lenght?
193cm, around 95-98
Liten ;)
what did i eat hmmm
toast+honey and 1 egg
pasta+200g meat
now protein shake
in 1hour pasta+200g meat
around midnight toast+anorexia

trying to get big faaaaaaaast :P

started with it 3month ago

e: btw gratz to 3rd place m8!

thx :D
heard suplements cause seconday effects

especially creatine causing some really bad look to the muscles later :S

what diet u using ?

and sup with the protein shake ? how much protein does it give ?
creatine is water weight.

if you want sups, get mutant mass. Works really good.
EAt lots of eggs and meat.

what weight you want. what ever size you want to be. eat 10x the calories/day.
and obvs lift.
thanks, can you rrecommend me some food rich in calories ?
have no experience in this and i dunno nothing besides pork,potatoes and bread to have loads of calories:S
No problem man :)
i eat 6 means a day. don't make them huuuuge meals.
if you want 180 pounds. eat 1800 cals a day. 200 pounds. 2000 cals a day.
it works great for me.

fish - salmon, cod, or tuna
red meats - lean ground beef and lean steaks
turkey and chicken
dairy products- milk, cottage cheese and low-fat yogurts
legumes - beans and peans n shit
beef jerky
protein bars
baked (not fried) potato chips
wohoo ! thanks a lot!
,appreciated !

so 6 meals --> 1 meal each 4 hours right ?
no problem bud :D

each side meal, in between breakfast,lunch,dinner.
will do starting tomorrow :)
cheers !
Have at er buddy :)
If he needs to gain weight, he will just lose weight with those kcals unless he weights like 50 kilos and sits on a computer all the time.

And its just stupid to say you need to eat that and that amount to get where he wants when you dont even know his weight, height or how active lifestyle he has.
im not writing a fucking weight plan for him moron. stop being a dick you prick - oh looky there, i made a rhyme!

It was just a general outline for the shit i eat and do.
i have a very high metabolism. So the fibers and calories in food go through my body faster, So i eat a fuck ton. So like i said, it was just a general outline.

Quotei eat 6 means a day. don't make them huuuuge meals.

read first man, think before you speak....
Oh, you so sensitive, immediately insulting.

Quoteif you want 180 pounds. eat 1800 cals a day. 200 pounds. 2000 cals a day.

That was the part I was commenting, sounds pretty straight advice for blizzi and bad one.
sick cunt
wuhuuuuu :P
you would drink his milk anytime, right? xd
and u should drink my piss
How did the mister Sweden thingie go?
ended up at 3rd place !

thx !
nice, do you get smth in that case? I voted loL!
Hy Alexander :)) Should speak to unforgiven about weight lifting as he does 100kg to chest :) dno what else.

Starting back @ January to the gym, waiting on some pr0ducts and then start lifting 5kg!

100 is not much :P
You can push 100kg too. Just roll Parzi when she sleeps from one side of the bed to the other.
And how exactly was I involved in this "insult" of his against you? You keep saying that you are just rude towards people that attack you first, yet you bark at everyone anyway. I didn't say a word about you and your hilarious 100kg lifting nonsense or whatever it was you said in your journal, did I? You just proved once more that you're just an imbecile waste of oxygen.
Oh but you think/hate on a to lower scale my dear. You remember when I made an apply to join bd, and you suddently started to flame on on irc bd channel? Why would you do that? You thaught I forgot? Than here, how many times you flamed me , mon cheri ? And one more thing, you and the bear are together right? Sometimes, you even attack together. I had to do this, just to see if you actually are just a cold bitch or you have feelings too. Now you know how it felts like . Kiss kiss, hug hug
What I don't get is that you seem unable to just let things go. Do you really think I still care that you called me a cunt, bitch, heartless etc etc? All this is not as serious as you take it, the fact that you get so angry over people making a little joke about you is why almost everybody is attacking you in the first place. I don't even know you so why do you take it so hard when I make an immature joke? If you would react with humor instead of anger, nobody would say anything. Posting gifs in your journal, you respond with one, that's fun. No hard feelings about it, aye. xxxxox :3
And I just did with the previous 100 kg rolling joke.Now who s angry my pancake?
It pissed me off because for the first time I actually didn't say anything :D
I think you mad cause you fat :D
Got me :((((

Who wrote this shit :O?Never read so much bullshit in my entire life. I need a fuckin vodka now
Evilynn I think, no idea.
What a bunch of ...how you call it ? homophobic bullshit, oh no wait, that s against homosexuals...how you call hate against men? Clearly the woman who wrote that crap hates men
Misandry. Can't say I agree with the text either, bit over the top.
In my opinion it is all a joke, but you are too retarded to understand that
thought you were bigger nowadays :0

edit. seems that you have the same problem as me. chest not growing :p
im kinda "big" now wat i used to be nowdays, cant be to biig working as a model now so :P
you were bigger a few years ago(maybe coz of bulk?) However, now you have a better muscle definition.
yes, but now i got model work so cant be so big anymore. Just working on definition :p
Good job.
Seems like you got great genetics,and your keeping the pressure on the right things,dont like people how some pepole and so does some friends of mine who we train together are just getting loose as fuck but no that curved because they keep on gaining mass wrong.
Do you use creatine,formulas,or any kind of caffeine? and how many times do train in week?
6 times a week,
no creatine, but im using caffeine pills before training.
That means only one day for a rest,do you work for living? 6 times a week,that's pretty tough.
And why dont you use creatine? I mean,most don't use the pure creatine as it is,so they get formulas,which are basically creatine+caffeine mixtures,I cant see my self working with out taking creatine before,I like what I get from it,but yet I know I can still get those results without it,I still dont want to stop using it,tho I know it's not that healthy
i hope u ate some brain seems that u don't have one.
going to try !
i can do the same with photoshop. :D
alexL you're such a saint

nice body l
Too bad muscles don't help getting laid
like you'd know! :D

had a lovely breakfast today and some fish n chips at night, enjoy your eggs lol
stfu :(((
eggs are great... I <33333333 them ;o
preteravas, matori.
You still look decent but you are close to crossing a line in esthetics.
Dont build up more muscle, no girl will look at you twice, guys on the street will make fun of you behind your back.
If you don't care about that or if you're aiming for some sort of title continue but otherwise balance it for now.
lol nerds gettin trolled by dat pump/lighting/posture xdddddddd

now im not saying alexl doesnt have mussels (he probably has the most for any member on here) but you can make EVERYONE look muscular/defined when altering those 3 aspects above

take a pic on a non-training day,keep your arms relaxed down the body and shoot a bright photo,noobies will instantly quit "mirin"
You know, your post is quite funny when you think of him having the most mussels.

image: mussels
Why do you only show your arms and shoulders? In my opinion it is easy to get nice shoulders and arms, however it is a different story when it comes to the chest, ABS and legs.
I am not hating or so, just saying. Since when do you have a beard mate? :<
Muslim with beard lel
Get back to the cotton field.
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