Friday treat

12:06 unfo- • you play with bd for how long?
12:06 unfo- • 10 years
12:07 unfo- • andd u never got better then low+
12:07 unfo- • u should stfu talking about et, talk about cooking better
12:07 Thommi • no, i have played with bd just for two years
12:07 Thommi • not even that actively
12:07 unfo- • excuses
12:08 unfo- • for your pathetic existence
12:08 Thommi • and i have never said i am good player
12:08 Thommi • med- on my best days
12:08 unfo- • more like low-
12:08 unfo- • i own u easily 1on1
12:08 Thommi • sure you would
12:09 Thommi • got anything to do later tonight, we could try?
12:09 unfo- • go back to your cooking , make me breakfast
12:09 unfo- • i don t want to humiliate u
12:09 unfo- • i kinda pitty u
12:09 Thommi • you scared?
12:09 Thommi • unfo scared :DDD
12:09 unfo- • scared of what ?
12:09 Thommi • trashtalk as always
12:09 Thommi • playing a 1on1 against me
12:09 unfo- • make it gtv
12:09 unfo- • and i will
12:10 Thommi • sounds like a plan, what time?
12:10 unfo- • 21 romanian time
12:10 Thommi • hmm, it is gmt+2?
12:10 unfo- • google it mother fucker

12:11 unfo- • yea but i got some conditions
12:11 unfo- • first: nobody but us on server
12:12 unfo- • another person join i leave
12:12 Thommi • ofc not
12:12 unfo- • i want the match to be announced on crossfire
12:12 unfo- • and posted on gtv
12:12 unfo- • and you have 1 hour , starting now is 12:13
12:12 Thommi • what map do you want?
12:13 unfo- • i want posted as news
12:13 unfo- • not journal or forum
12:13 unfo- • NEWS
12:13 Thommi • i cant post it as news :/

The game is on! I already got my beers chilled + have a bottle of sparkling wine at home, just in case if I happen to win. So tune it, best way to spend friday-evening. Or join me live at the gaming-studio at my place.

image: 2085731260767940

ps. Give link to the ctf_multi, pictures or something, I don't think I have seen it before.

EDIT: Event cancelled, he chickened out. Sorry :/

this is so sad.. hes even so scared he tried to come up with pathetic conditions


win please
He just wants attention :[
win please !
QuoteMatch won t be played because:

no news
exposed logs (reason for admins to delete and ban him btw)

Thank you!

Scared piece of shit..
Well, we'll see. Maybe he for once follows his trashtalk and actually plays.
Nobody does trashtalk better then u. Just like this journal for example
HAHA why did you chicken out man? scared?
36 € on Thomm Bet was cancelled

he thought you were going to win, this is his bet :XD
Expecting this to be a cooking journal :"[
Your mama was a scared piece of shit after I fucked her in the ass
ehehehe thomm low+ from playing with bd for 10 years, get a life pussy. Bet you can't even beat unforgiven when sober, implying you play better when drunk (always :D)
LOL you got this shit man
going to Iisalmi soon and drink few beers and alot ***jaloviina whit friends and get really wasted because have to go army on next monday :D

hf whit unforgiven :D
go thomm!
All my (fake) money on Thomm!
a new day and another journal for unforgiven. well done, cya tomorrow
how bout i eat ur pussy
I really want to see unfo's picture. I highly doubt that he's 33 years old and have a wife. He acts like a 12 year old.
If he is 33 years old he suffers from some kind of mental condition. :\
Yeah probably. He needs to do something about his rage as well.
we let kenzi be here too, he just licks balls and people seem to like that.
According to Facebook he's Clint Eastwood

image: 295147_101137893394762_1262874256_n

He's removed his real account, but that's his age, more or less.
exactly my thoughts
ehehehe thomm low+ from playing with bd for 10 years, get a life pussy. Bet you can't even beat unforgiven when sober, implying you play better when drunk (always :D)
this would have been very interesting :(
rofl no thanks
pls play, would make me so happy
I would have, but he chickened, I decided to go for hockey instead :/

Still avi, if he sees this, but 22:30, have to go to sauna now.
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