The future is here

steam box will make gabe even richer but doesnt directly contribute much to us PC gamers.
it will shift console fags away from outdated hardware which is ultimately breaking the curse of consoles holding back the gaming industry.
i wont buy it and yet it will make gaming better for me.
cant wait.
You had outdated console hardware on the one hand and a complicated, expensive PC hardware upgrading process on the other. Looking at console vs PC player numbers for the marketable franchises I'd say that limiting hardware dependency and increasing ease-of-use is critical for the survival of "PC gaming" (e.g. gaming with a mouse and keyboard).
on the other hand it will suffer from the same draw-backs that consoles do.
when the 360 first came out and they demo'd TES:Oblivion on it people couldnt believe their eyes. Its not that the system has been bad back then, its that it is bad right now.
We have yet to get a statement on which life-span they are anticipating for this product.
Valve does not have a reputation for this but I fear that they might fall into the same trap that consoles do these days. Imagine valve supporting/encouraging games a couple years down the line that are not up to par but work well on their platform. This is nothing other than a console with a more open interface and we can only hope that Valve shows how its done.
That being said if anyone can pull it off its them.
Perhaps a pretty impressive life-span if they follow on through with cloud gaming later this decade.
ET shall be played on TV
squaze is already playing on tv :/
games on that can be played with mouse+ keyboard ??
Big Picture also introduced controller compatibility as far as I know, so I'm going to assume they support both keyboards/mice and controllers.
Correct, and most valve games support 360 controller without configuration
read some keywords such as "technology", "computer-game-system" and "gameplay" (for example) on the URLs and knew there was nothing for me behind those links. I for one am not a fucking sad geek.
"I for one am not a fucking sad geek."
You are on this site. Which makes your statement null and void.
Im here to make myself feel better :)
ET Praccs on a 42 lcd tv

it would be cool
I just hope it support mouse and keyboard. Control pads suck balls
the future cannot be here, because future is not here now future is there
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