ET is almost dying #4

Reasons why ET(well actually CF) is dying #4:

bad admins that can't handle this site nor the game. They keep removing journals without any reason. My good buddy, retsev, wrote an awesome journal which the admins removed the next day. The journal was describing our awesome ownage in LoL and DayZ. Why would you even do that? Did we hurt someone? Retsev actually spent more than 10 mins making that journal and the admins deleted it. He did something for the community but they obviously didn't care. Do you have a heart? Are you even pro gamers?

Luckily I have a solution. Make me an admin and everything will be fine. I will make sure this community will survive and make this site a better place. I'm the right man for this job.

Take care.
no they aint pro gamers, and i wont even go on anymore since i just made a journal of my own

if you know what i mean
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fkn noobs posting the same shit all day long,arr.
i guess some ppl are upset about how the site is running :D
i am deeply mad
stop your fucking bitching
just enjoy the game ignore the faggots = more fun
what is this.... i don't even...
So you expect some change now because you're bitching like this? Have you actually tried talking on IRC to the one who deleted that journal?
no we don't know who committed this crime.
I am aware of that, but there is this thing called asking a question first and posting stuff like this later. Now since I am currently on windows I'm not going to bother going on IRC, but I can see from the reason given which I actually partially agree with is that we do not constantly need "ET is dying" journals.7

A clear example of this being unforgiven, I am currently actively banning all his new accounts. I wondered what was the real deal behind all this so I started talking to him. Usually in a conversation you start with a greeting, he doesn't, he starts with "eat shit and die of aids motherfucker".
who are you to decide what we need and what we dont need?

and thats not true with unforgiven, just some bullshits, he is a polite guy, if your an asshole towards him and if ur expectations are that he is gonna be nice towards you, then whats wrong with you?
He is a admin and actually a cool one... He did more for this community that u ever did .. so yeah, i guess he can decide...
do you even know what i did for this community?

do you know the job description of being an admin? its not deciding what ppl need, even god doesnt have that right.

that comming from a person who just graduated from the IT department im both amazed and kinda shocked.
Well, i must admit i don't know you really well but from what my brain retain about you is:
- you cheated and got banned, there was few allegations, not only once.
- your statements are usually retarded and a bit childish somehow.

- CF is a community, but it's not a "official" community, it's a private thing ran by tosspot and co, so i can assure a admin can do whatever he wants. Whos gonna stop him? God?

I can assure you Exc1te is doing atleast what i need. Get rid of retards.. so yeah...
one i didnt cheat
two the community is ran by the community, users helping other users and so on
admins already do what they want, thats why this journal and thats why the community is upset

Quotethat comming from a person who just graduated from the IT department im both amazed and kinda shocked.
Didn't you? :)

And ye, but usually the admins are decent. I've been there for more than 7 years and i NEVER got banned. Had a journal deleted only once.
Now go figure why.
nope, im used to being accused of cheats, even when im drunk or high as a motherfucker i can still outplay and outaim pretty much everyone,,, even when im inactive i didnt play for over a month, went to play a 3on3 game a week ago got kicked by some guys who should be medskill or so

i dont know why neither i dont care why, but seeing how manny decent and interesting journals are getting deleted makes me wanna quit crossfire since thers only boring stuff going on here for a quite a while now.
Ok, 2 points then:

- If you are so talented and good why didn't you achieve anything?

- Why don't you quit? I guess we don't loose anything, considering the amount of crap you bring to this website. Perhaps change your behavior and then we can talk again.
as in achive you mean something like playing et competitively for almost 2years getting to play EC already? after a year i was already in the NC that in my POV is a good achievement.

or, why dont u win cups and such? well its a team game where my skilllevel cannot change the outcome of the games. regardless of that i/we came in #2 or #1 or #3 plenty of times

now after seeing there are almost close to 0 real highskillers in the scene, i decided to quit et and start playing starcraft2, where i cannot be limited by my team. and whenever i come back to et i will be close to the best because et doesnt have that much real skillers left.

the one who should change his behavior is you.
Lol thats a good point. But not impressive considering i got to play NC 1 year after start playing and got to play EC 2 years after start playing, in ET prime times, not now...

i mean if ur good, teams would notice and get you to their lineup... so u can win some cups..
good teams consist with 6friends who play together for over 6years

im guessing mine im more impressive since i started playing et after it got actually skilled and not in the begining times where the likes of reload wer aiming like todays med skillers.
I disagree. I know alot of players who actually became skill late in the game (ok not that late, but still).

While for example sqzz or razz have been playing in good teams since decades, players like filus / joshua / olbaa (somehow) and alot more improved to a good level later in the game, and they still managed to get into a good team...
like i said, friends for years

i did manage to get into TLR.ET
but that was more like a "joke"

also aD* but that didnt work out due to my teammates being 2 low n random

sqzz used to recruit all bunch of ppl while he was drinking :D
A polite guy? There is absolutely nothing polite about him, you can't even talk to the guy normally, if you respond to his questions he just acts like you didn't and reads what he wanted to hear so he can continue acting like an idiot. I tried handling him for 5 minutes, after which I noticed we don't need his attitude so I acted accordingly. I also don't understand how he ever expects to get unbanned by constantly creating new accounts.

Who am I to decide? I don't think that a "ET is dying" journal is something we want as content for the community, I would like to see posts with more constructive discussions and a less whiney tone. There is a lot of content I leave, which I think I should probably delete but don't since some people are still commenting anyways.
there are 200active browsers, and some of them like this journal.

its ur own opinion against the majority of the community.
I prefer a few years back when everyone used to whine when something like LoL was posted on this site. (fumble oldskool zLOL?)
We will start posting LoL journals if you want. Just to increase the activity on this site. It's not a problem at all.

I don't mind :D
you aren't helping anything. you're just posting multiple journals about ET being dead. I wish you would have not returned already.
so you are just a troll?
not really a troll. Like to have a bit fun from time to time(which probably is known as trolling) but I'm serious too.
since you came back all I've seen is topics about et being dead/dying. this does more damage to ET than if you hadn't returned at all you know that right?
and yet I'm increasing the activity. If you read my journals they aren't really about "ET is dying". First one was about people that skillfake and act like idiots. And this one was about a journal that got deleted without any reason. The name actually has nothing to do with the journal itself.
you saying ET is dying in a journal title only convinces more people across ET that they are wasting time playing it. you created four of these, that is indeed damaging to the game. imagine everyone who played 3on3s like you was talking about et being dead, definitely would deter people from playing. i just can't understand why you aren't just playing and not whining.
I didn't create four of these journals. I only created two. And imo I didn't damage the game. In the first one I explained the matter of people skillfaking and acting like retards ingame. Basically I want people to start behaving ingame and start behaving more professional if they want more people to play this game.

This journal was clearly meant as a troll eventho we still don't get why retsevs journals got deleted.

I don't think that I ever said that ET is dead or something like that. Maybe long time ago but not right now.
it's quite obvious that repercussions of continually repeating "ET is dying" (whether it is or isn't) will only cause more people to believe it's dying. I guess Retsev's journal was deleted because he named it ET is dying while it had absolutely nothing to do with ET in the content of the journal?

if you want to help the game and make people start behaving themselves you need to start by not trolling. save it for 4chan or someshit, this is a tiny community.
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finally something relevant.
This game is dying because has bad admins.

no offense but

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yes and chicken crossed the road,because on the other side of the road

there was cf adminzz
it makes perfect sense.

Actually we're on a roll with our ET is dying journals so had to keep the name. Besides admins are bad both ingame and on cf. SI?
I agree that ET is dying, but that has nothing to do with a forum related to the game.

I also don't think there's such thing as a bad admin, they're bad in your eyes because you do not agree with their decisions. After all, they're still admin.

#gMen 3o3 ODC tonight! 20:00 GMT+1 Sign up via

ask my team(retsev/jelle/manningjr). I'm going out so I won't be here at that time.
thanks. gl with the cup
this game isnt dying and wont be that for a long time.

Just competitive gaming died..
+1 look how jaymod is active
If by admins we understand the ones who have the rights to delete posts and ban users, it is indeed stupid.

On the other hand, and here is my point, if we understand the ones who rule crossfire, I mean the ones who take big decisions (e.g to implement a "download ET button", to remove the link between gtv and cf etc) then they actually have some responsability for the game's decline.
Currently I wish I could do more for CF4, but time just simply does not permit that. I have paid projects that need my attention, so do my studies. So I'm sorry for the current state the site is in.. for instance, the performance, the fix in a nutshell is quite easy but would require half a day of downtime of the website ( I actually tried it before but it failed for some unknown reason ). However, I think I might be able to get some stuff going again soon, but it depends a bit on how I can organise some things around me.

Apart from that most coders, like skooli, have their real jobs to worry about ( and his social life of course ) and can't be expected to keep working on it like they did back in the day. Hence I am currently the only one next to maybe igor who could work on the website.
I don't blame you nor the other coders. :)
I actually blame the big bosses for acting hastily. The website was clearly not ready to replace CF 3.0..
You make no sense o.O
Are you kidding me.. go home. danish people are the best. only thing sweeden really can produce is nice blonde girls. rest is just some fucking retardet people like you. ARGH get out of cyberspace! BUUUUUUUUUURN
this guy is right.
Vote brad for president please <3
ok thanks for the info
ET is deaded
as if it hasn't been dead for about 3 or 4 years now
it hasn't. 2008 was fine, 2010 was a slight increase from 2009, then pure decline since early 2011.
You knew et was dead when masculine men won ec
how did that make ET dead? they were praccing 6o6 like +6 hours per day at one point and that's what made them able to compete and win vs the other ec teams who were not praccing as hard as them. when you look back at the lineup ENSAM/Sample/chmpp/Squall/Fel/kapaa do you think "omg lowskills won ec"? :D
no, mm were always med+ skill, never high, and when all the high teams left, there was nobody else to stop them, that's why they won.
you are wrong because the teams didn't leave. they beat all of them. hard.


those were the highest at the time, they beat everyone else too. that made them highskill, the fact that the real highskill teams struggled to beat them.
i don't even know who those teams are, except for impact, but even the impact i knew was probably 2 years before that one
Buttonbashers = Clown, doktor, mAus, dAv1d, XyLoS, Winghaven, Matias +olbaa&lettu = Night, RELOAd, JaKaZc, urtier, senji, Squall(played lan with them), drago
Impact = teKoa, Xpaz, M1lk, syK, wiaderko, toxic
SNB = perfo, Meez, Reikkeri, rahul, modus, joop, Sight
H2k = abort, butchji, sNoOp, gifty, dialer, zerender

there were more good teams that season that masculine took huge dumps all over, but yeah. "they only won because there were no opponents"
must have been excite, he perma banned me because he thinks i am banga-class. @_@
and hes not gonna get rid off because he did some programming on the website ~_~
its obv he did some programing on the website, look how shit it runs q_q
hes just a kid cant blame him for that
its not his own fault thers plenty of other coders involved, the fact is the website still isnt working as it should be working and its ages after the release :D but common he helps out some coders - admin

its like giving robaciek admin status because he did some cups for the community...
they are not doing anything afaik
they are... getting white boy wasted and going apeshit on that delete button

ET is dying because admins are deleting journals about LoL & DayZ, makes sense
Everyone should come play RTCW! Plenty of casters covering matches and it's also something the same but different for ET players who may not have tried it before.
RTCW is a nice game, but the community is so small, you can't prac without being raped when you're starting the game
Post something decent about Et and see if "badass admins" del it ...
You're such a fuckin homo, noone will ever vote for you.
Asian.. GG !
Like i give a fuck

image: 1357869854610
wow noone will vote on me damn..... retsev is going to be the captain no matter what. I voted for him myself.

Do you actually think that the application means something to me? Just wanted denmark to be represented in NC.
damn you are such a retard
and? i know that im handsome. dont have to show me ;)
was just refering to your use of "retard"
wouldnt really call you picture handsome.
came here to flame. your journal was perfect to do so ;)
ET has already exceeded all of its many expectations and is inevitably dying (which should have had happened years ago but it didn't cause admins gave their best and so did the community). This journal is completely retarded as is the person who posted it.
perhaps just use a different title for your journals? I actuallyread that journal about DAYZ and went and youtube that game, imo very boring, but well something came out of that journal i guess, i just think its stupid to use "et is dying" as title in an et I mean come on whats the fucking point? I think everyone knows that the activity is rlly bad, now there wont be any sort of new players if all what people read is that et is dead.!!
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