Having fun on a saturday night?

I'm not. Just chilling at home. Watching some nfl eventho I don't know what is going on. Also watching s3 qualifiers in LoL. Kinda bored tbh. Don't know what to do.

What are you guys up to? Party hard? Chilling? Gaming?

Btw who is buying DayZ standalone? Enjoying the arma2 mod so much. Having so a lot of fun with NetherlandsJelle and DenmarkRetsev in DayZ. Hopefully the standalone will be just as good as the mod if not even better.

Anyway enjoy the night.

Lol nerds not answering so that we think they have a life. What/how much is DayZ?
DayZ is a zombie survival mod for arma2 co. I don't know how much the standalone will cost but the mod for arma2 co is free. You have to buy the game though. It's really fun especially when you play together with mates
rly dayZ standalone? but u dont mean WarZ right? D:
Yeah there will be a dayZ standalone. Actually they said that it would be ready at the end of 2012 but they couldn't make it. They're still working on it and around 1000 people will have the opportunity to test the alpha afaik.
Including myself ;)
36 hours of sleep since Thursday 8.00 PM. Not bad, I guess I'm ready to roll the second and last week of exams..
i was doing night orienteering with my father :D
image: nacht_sm

was fun :)
orienteeing <33 did it about 8 years ago :)
i used to do it alot when i was a child cause my father is a reall freak of this sport.
then in my teens i refused to do sports at all, except for drinking and smoking sport maybe ;)
now i rediscovered sports in general and i like to go orienteering once in a while too, its actually much more fun then jogging imo, cause you have a goal and its quite competitive too :)
Orienteering is good fun x)
rolled noobs @LanTrek
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