Best D&B Albums of all time

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Shoutout to Adam F - Colours 1997
Alix Perez – 1984 2009
Andy C - Nightlife 1-5 2003 - 2010
Aphrodite - Aphrodite 1999
Audio – Genesis Device 2010
Bachelors of Science - Science Fiction 2008
Bachelors of Science - Warehouse Dayz 2009
Bad Company - Inside The Machine 2000
Bcee - Beat The System 2011
Black Sun Empire - Driving Insane 2004
Black Sun Empire - Endangered Species 2007
Black Sun Empire - Lights & Wires 2010
Blu Mar Ten - Natural History - Revision 2010
Bop - The Mysterious Adventures of Curious Pixels 2011
Break - Resistance 2010
Break - Symetry 2008
Brookes Brothers - Brookes Brothers 2011
Bungle - Memories 2011
Calibre - Even If 2010
Calyx & TeeBee - All Or Nothing 2012
Calyx & Teebee - Anatomy 2007
Calyx - No Turning Back 2005
Camo & Krooked - Above & Beyond 2010
Chase & Status - More than Alot 2008
Commix - Dusted 2012
Concord Dawn - Chaos By Design 2006
Danny Bird - Rave Digger 2010
dBridge - The Gemini Principle 2008
Dillinja - Cybotron 2001
Dillinja - My Sound 2004
DJ Marky & XRS - In Rotation 2004
DJ Teebee - Blacksciencelabs 2007
Dom & Roland - Industry 1998
Dom & Roland - No Strings Attached 2009
Dom & Roland - The Big Bang 2011
Dom & Roland - Through The Looking Glass 2008
DRS - I don't usually like MCs but 2012
Ed Rush & Optical - Wormhole 1998
Enei - Machines 2012
Evol Intent - Era of Diversion 2008
Fourward - Episodes 2011
Fracture & Neptune - Retrospect A Decade Of Fracture & Neptune 2011
Future Prophecies - Warlords Rising 2005
Goldie - Sine Tempus 2008
Goldie - Timeless 1995
Gridlok - Void 2009
Grifta - Lost Tapes 2011
High Contrast - True Colours 2002
Icicle - Under The Ice 2011
IllSkillz - Nectar & Ambrosia 2011
Implex and Enei - Sublife 2009
J Majik & Wickaman – Crazy World 2008
Jonny L - Magnetic 1998
Klute - Music For Prophet 2010
Klute - The Emperors New Clothes 2007
Logistics - Now More Than Ever 2006
Logistics - Reality Checkpoint 2008
London Elektricity - Syncopated City 2008
LTJ Bukem - Producer 01 2000
Lynx & Kemo - The Raw Truth 2009
Madmen and Poets - Scandinavian Sunday 2010
Marcus Intalex - 21 2011
Matrix & Futurebound – Universal Truth 2007
Maztek - Back Catalogue 2012
Mistabishi - Drop 2009
Mr Joseph - What A Lovely Time It Was 2010
Naibu - Habitat 2012
Naibu - Naibu 2009
Netsky - Netsky 2010
Noisia - Split The Atom 2010
Nu Tone - Medical History 2007
Nymfo - Double Dutch 2011
Octane & DLR - Method in the Madness 2012
Omni Trio - Music For The Next Millennium 1995
Optiv & BTK - Dirty Tricks 2012
Pendulum - Hold Your Colour 2005
Phace & Misanthrop - From Deep Space 2010
Radicall - Emotive LP 2010
Ram Trilogy - Molten Beats 1999
Redeyes - Poetry In Motion 2010
Roni Size - New Forms 1997
S P Y - What The Future Holds 2012
Seba - Return to Forever 2008
Shy FX & T-Power - Diary of a Digital Soundboy 2005
Spectrasoul - Delay No More 2012
Stakka & Skynet - Clockwork 2002
State of Mind - Nil By Ear 2011
Sub Focus - Sub Focus 2009
Subwave - Subwave 2012
TC - Evolution 2007
The Upbeats - Nobody's Out There 2007
Utah Jazz - It's a Jazz Thing 2008
Zero T - Cheap Shots 2008
and Stijn for the halp xoxo

here i am in 2018 still checking this stuff out! bookmarked it when u made the post!
Thanks! Gonna take a look later / in some days.

Dnb <3
LEL sorry bout the news admin but the add content button thingies are rly confusing

also gimme sticky
dont agree with all of it but nice list! I'll have some downloading to do :)
share your thoughts man

I'm interested
personally wouldn't have included chase & status or netsky, but it's a bit of personal preference, and then again chase & status were still OK @ More than alot but wouldn't rate that album as one of the best DNB ever :P
I think the c&k album has some awesome tracks on it. And the netsky album was a milestone for this cheesy dnb stuff.. Listening to it now, I don't like it as much as I used to back when it was released but I still think it deserves a place in this list.
yah netsky one does deserve it cuz it was a milestone indeed. I did love it when it came out but now im like meh :P and I was talking bout C&S not C&K cuz C&K are epic :D
oh lol my bad

yeah but you can pretty much just replace c&s with c&k in that case
man c&s more than alot is still epic tbh :D deserves to be on the list!!
only the tenne tonne lp
big aswell, but i will never forget tunes like hurt me & streetlife :D just my 2 cents thought
what would you replace them with? C&S album was very big in it's day and Netsky's album was probably the most hyped one in the last few years.

btw etherwoods spoken song that has been out for a while (which he released on his own ep for free) is signed to hospital!
1. Ed Rush & Optical - Wormhole
2. see nr. 1
3. Break - Resistance
4. Alix Perez - 1984
5. Ram Trilogy - Molten Beats
You got that break album in 320? Been hunting for a long time!
I have it on my laptop at home I think, I'll take a look in the weekend! It's wicked :-) Break is so good
Great list!
QuotePendulum - Hold Your Colour (2005)

This version doesn't have 5 minutes of silences in between every song
not bad not bad !

Live shows with shoutouts also

u can also download the live shows at

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what kind of dnb you guys playin?

my fav is bassdrive but they mostly play the smoother side of dnb
All kinds of dnb. u can request songs yourself :)

there deferent podcasts with different DJ's so every dj has his own style :P
Evol Intent - Era of Diversion (2008)

lots of crap in there, but dom&roland <3
Share yer thoughts mane
Nice, but could you break it down in subgenres like Hellhammer did?
Would be stupid since most of those albums feature a variety of subgenres..
That really doesn't make any sense. Variety in pacing and composition doesn't automatically mean it's a subgenre, does it? I find it hard to believe most of these artists aren't working within a specific subgenre, at least on one single album.
They are all making drum&bass which is good enough for me aye..

just an example of different subgenres.
since you seem to like BM: if that post actually implied that you were looking for some decent dnb, i would check out the following (i am not following dnb as close as bm, because it's really hard to get a good overview, but i definitely enjoyed these recently):
switch technique - altered ( , the remix of zubcore's "prey" is also awesome)
eye-d & dj hidden - peer to peer pressure (
nanotek releases (digital only, can't even name them since the disk with all my music died...)
throttler (!) (the new stuff is cool, but minus 13 floors amongst others is just awesome)
well, from this list i'd suggest black sun empire - driving insane & early dom & roland releases.
aside from that, barcode filthcasts, union casts (union recordings) and killing sheep records covers quite a good range of good music.
Nice playlist so far!
Pendulum > 95% of them tho :p
Hold your colour is an amazing album though
inb4 hellgast posting best trance of all time
Nice list overall! Wouldve liked to see more oldies (dont ask me which ones to add exactly as im not that familiar with jungle but I always seem to like the older tracks). Also surprised to see none of the later Optical & Ed rush albums! Atleast add Travel The Galaxy .. ! Oh and Photek - Modus Operandi if only it was for Minotaurrrr :)
Photek is great but his album not so much, and the same about the optical ed stuff their eps are great but the albums i dunno
hehe agreed.. problem for me was that all the later ed rush & optical albums were underwhelming because of the sheer awesomeness of Wormhole.. expections were too high I guess :-)
Oh yeah, proud of myself for knowing 5 people on the list!
lel so mainstream am i rite XD ^^
cf - a music community
Some songs for you: B-Complex - Blissful Ignorance - Jessie J - Nobody´s Perfect (Netsky remix) - Chase & Status - Let You Go (Brookes Brothers Remix) - Rudimental - "Feel The Love" ft. John Newman - Gemini - Turn Me On - Dirtyphonics Ft. Tali - The Secret - Netsky - Memory Lane - The Very Best - Julia (B-complex Remix)

Can name more, but w/e ;)
gemini - down is the best he ever made and will make
oh god. Rudimental - "Feel The Love" ft. John Newman

So fucking bad -_-', also listen to Levinm8
But the fred v + grafix remix is great
But the fred v + grafix remix is great
true! better than original
you make it sound like that is something hard to do :-) I think even the remix is pretty mediocre at best and that's being generous.. the vocals are just cringeworthy imo
Nice taste u got mister ! :o send more plz
i keep coming back for more music from you xD allways when i run out of music and need some inspiration and new tracks i try to find you hehe :D btw, ET is active airen!
There are quite a few I do not agree are DnB and you included Danny Byrd's album which makes me full on cringe. Some are HUGE albums and I applaud the list.

However, you miss some huge artists/albums

Intelligent Manners
Command Strange
New Zealand Shapeshfiters
Origin Unknown
Genetic Bros

I can list more if people like the above. I'm heavily into liquid funk so I'm biased towards that genre!

Also, boom
What albums do you think are not dnb? I can't seem to find one :O

Also from your list, some of them haven't released any albums (Origin Unknown, B-Complex, MRSA,...)
Artists like Noisia verge on the DnB scale to me
Are you serious LEL
Most of the tracks on Split the Atom are 140bpm!
Fair enough
Most of those didn't release any albums yet
Fair point. But good to at least share some more names
Disagree with Danny Byrd, he is a great producer and it has its place in the modern day sound.
Disagree with Danny Byrd, he is a great producer and it has its place in the modern day sound.
You shock me :(
this doesn't work as well as the metal journal since albums aren't really a norm for releasing good dnb tracks
agreed, but it's still a nice tool if you want to get to know some more dnb.
Depends on the artist imo
yeah what i was trying to say is that there are loads of good dnb artists that never released an album
No Calibre - Condition LP?

Also, thoughts on Metrik and Fred V and Grafix?
I agree on the Calibre LPs but Fred V/Grafix stuff is a little too cheesy for me
True new-gen liquid I guess, but i love their sound and their sets are always so great too. Met fred at Park Life :D
Are you at Parklife this year?
Depends, might try and work it. Went last year and it was great! Ill keep you posted =}
So it's officially noise and not music right
yeah.... no
no spectrasoul or alix perez or ed solo?
Alix Perez 1984 is on it, as is Delay No More from Spectrasoul.

I also don't think Ed Solo has an album of his own (correct me on this if i'm incorrect please!)
Ah my bad - fyi ed solo has an album - "Random Acts Of Kindness" - pretty good check it out, but actually i dont think it goes in top albums of all time (re-listened)
Wanted to add that but it's not really straight up dnb
netsky 2
even Netsky 1 was a stretch amirite
Netsky 1 was huge.. Really really good album imo.
saw some ppl are adding single tracks so ok, - Camo+Krooked - Reincarnation - Camo & Krooked - Hot Pursuit - Perfect Unknown - No Future - Jade - Lazertag (Neonlight remix) - Feint & Fiction - The Catch - Netsky - I Refuse (Shock One Remix) - Wreckage Machinery & Mefjus - Zodiac - Feint - One Thousand Dreams - Feint - Reprise - Linkin Park - The Catalyst (Pendulum Remix) - Camo & Krooked - Climax - Eric Prydz - Niton (The Reason) (Sigma Remix) - Noisia - Machine Gun (Spor Remix) - Spor - Stop it - Nero - Me & You (Dirtyphonics Remix) - Nelver - Unforgettable Sunset - Utopia - Scan me - Ellie Goulding - Lights (Accentu8 Remix) - Camo & Krooked - Cross The Line feat Ayah Marar - Noisia & The Upbeats - Dustup

and many moreeeeeee - The Upbeats - Diffused - Enei feat. Kemo - Saligia - Crossfire - Hydra
btw that Hydra tune always baffles me. That crossfire guy is from Belgium but I never ever see him play a gig around here and I go to things all over the country and have never seen another song from him but Hydra
There's more, but this is the bestEST. There's more of his music:
Not sure if he's that active in producing anyways.
hehe some pretty good tunes together with some bad ones :-) i'll edit with some older ones here later if people want to explore the origins :P
Great list Levin man, nice one. Good work!
Siren - Broken Silence 2010 (Siren is collaboration between1 Vicious Circle & 1 Universal Project guy)
Octane & DLR - Method in the madness 2012
The Upbeats - Big Skeleton 2009
DRS - I usually dont like MC's BUT... 2012
Seba ‎– Return To Forever 2008
Sabre - A Wandering Journal 2010
Raiden - Beton Arme 2011
BCee - Beat The System 2011 (has like 50% all-time tracks for me)

forthcoming Survival & Silent Witness' + Seba albums = SICKNESS
latest SPKTRM album on Project 51 will defo be a all-timer for me
same with Mindscape - Martian Chronicles.

I guess there are plenty of more, but ur list keeps having those which come to my mind, so gj :)
nice list man, good taste. excited for the new Upbeats album?
thanks, dude. Well, about The Upbeats - for me was Diffused Ep quite weak, but overall I guess their album will be top notch, just like Big Skeleton was.

shivers !!!

London Elektricity ‎– Live At The Scala
How about Black Sun Empire - From the shadows ?? it was rly the best dnb album of 2012, one who doesnt agree listened too much netsky or shit like that:P
Also Soulmagnet by Audio was rly good, Switch Technique, The Panacea, Limewax, Spor, Dub Elements, Current Value, Prolix... ?:P eh i dunno, maybe its too hard stuff for most of dudes here ;P anyway keep up listening to good music, dnb all the way!
bse album wasn't best of the year but yeah I could have added loads more I agree
so what was? definately not this calyx&teebee release that got awarded
c&t album was pretty epic :S Pure Gold/Scavenger/Elevate This Sound and especially Hurting are amazing tunes
eh i dunno, maybe ill give it a second try:P Im more into neuro/dark stuff tho!
Same here, but Hurting definitely is close to that.. absolutely great track imo
Spor doesn't have an album unfortunately!
same with Prolix. But defo this thread needs moar Gridlok.
Photek - Form & Function and Modus Operandi wouldve been nice additions, Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Lost All Faith is a worthy mention imo but thats probably because it falls under the style i like personally... Definitely dont agree with that J Majik & Wickaman album D: Their older stuff (as separate artists) and Metalheadz releases are so much better, again though personal preference
>no receptor
Receptor has not yet released an album!
what about no sleep?
woha,thank you !!
any hospital will do!
Not albums, but...

My favourite :) Seba & Paradox (Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw) - The Light Camo & Krooked - Watch It Burn (Ft. Ayah Marar) Black Sun Empire - Dance4Life - Breathe (BSE Remix 01) R.I.P Desimal - After Life
too lazy to write down all of my dnb, chillstep, liquid tracks ive collected in the past months :/
i think i love u guys <3 what an awsome comunity! this Journal is a goldmine! Bookmarked forever :D

my playlists. feel free to watch my uploads, too.
thx lad :) i will check all ur playlists :P
ja, der track darf nicht fehlen

R.I.P Desimal - After Life

backpackdancers, not even music , just 5 samples and thats it
I do not see the point in replying to something if you have no clue about it.
ure from belgium, so u should know that dnb is overrated, outdated
add Insidious from Rene LaVice. I think its in my top 5! My type of sound <3
wasnt out when i maed list

[e] image: levinmotherfucker

too bad i can't drop the whole fucking lost of 1300 songs for you levin , but the latest added derp
I just lost 150 gb of music dont remind me pls
i actually ment 1300 song list, not lost :D :O
this list needs more England the sect, South Africa counterstrike, United States of America corrupt souls, Bulgaria cooh, Finland Muffler, Puerto Rico custom soldierz, England audio, France katharsys, Australia Rregula, Hungary jade etc
meth, john b (2004 intransit album) , trace and from new some muffler metrik wilkinson trei gridlock blockhead(probably already there) etc
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