Eindhoven crimineeltjes

Smile to the camera!

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for those who don't get it: these 8 'people' attacked a random guy on the streets earlier this month and kicked the shit out of him and left him there to die (gladly he didn't)

Here is the video again for those who hadn't seen it:

death penalty gogo
Nah they will get away with it, picking up trash near the a12 for 3 months.
niet als wij er wat aan doen loekino.
ik ga geen papier prikken :@!
Italy mama would own them
<3 dodgers in group
buitenlanders he, zal weer eens niet
laatste keer dat ik iets wat lijkt op je antwoord zei kreeg ik geflamed als nooit tevoren..
I see very white people?
I see my regular follower when it comes to the skin colour
Gotta make sure your bullshit is under control so it does not spread!
Be assured that I won't change my mind (about which, btw, you have no clue) because of an idealist who can't see the mess going on at the corner of his street.
I see the mess, but I try to understand it, which you obviously can't be arsed to.
May I be permitted to doubt it? Because you don't seem to know shit about the world outside (and please, don't tell me you watch TF1 every evening).
heroes.. one by one BANG
2 van belgie !!!! ...
Fucking minorities.
minors get evening clock max (have had the same situation with a friend of mine in BE).
He was hit by 2 guys with a baseball bat walking home from a party.

1 +18 guy got 6 months in jail , the other one (-18) got evening clock for a year...
evening clock?
Evening clock = forbidden to go out after a certain hour?
Yeah he means curfew
yup this, didn't know the exact word :)

He must be home at 8 PM + can't leave the house after.
probably just like here, where they would have gotten a ridiculous penalty..
Zet deze namen er alvast maar bij:
Tom Kantelberg
Stefano Bruggink
Jordy Moeskops
Ismail Bouziane
Bob Sloots
This reminded me of this. Took place 2 years ago. 2-3 of those kids went to my school.
Die Brent Leysen is diegene dat heeft zitten doortrappen toch?
thats sad fucking faggots coming 12 against 1
they even kicked defenseless bicycles... sick
lol my friend had same kind of situation
like +10 guys (16yr~) came on him to ask light and then started to beat him..
he got away and chaced one of the guys and started to choke the guy and then police came and took my friend to jail and the ones who started it took his beer and ran away.
'started to choke'

you can go to prison for that ? :O
Attempt for murder.
lol i meant like jail overnight and get out morning
well i meant that what ur friend did was also wrong :)
justified imo
in your line of thinking: when a guy attacks you, it's okay to choke him.
in your line of thinking: the opening scene of American History X is 'justified' (a guy tries to steal another mans car, the guy wakes up and kicks the thief till he's dead)
in your line of thinking: we should reconsider on using the law system used in primate times.
and u would just accept the beat up and do nothing?

E: and i dont remem that did he just catch him and was about to hit him or was he gonna choke the guy a bit
i wouldn't accept a beating, but choking a guy... that's really not my thing.
Hold the guy trapped -> wait for police -> guy might leak names of his friend under pressure -> profit
tru but when ur drunk u prolly just wanna hit the guy a couple times
Volgens mij hebben ze bijna allemaal al z'n FB verwijderd. Smerige kutzakken dat 't zijn.
Een advocaat van een van die gastjes zei dit: "Hij heeft deelgenomen aan de mishandeling, maar snapt zelf niet waarom hij het heeft gedaan."

Gruwelijk grote kneus, nu ineens "in shock" zijn en de slachtoffer rol aannemen? Schei toch uit, als justitie daar intrapt dan zetten ze zichzelf wel heel erg voor schut.
Dat doen de meeste sukkels die tijdens een uitgaansavond met een groep expres ruzie beginnen te zoeken.
Heel de avond stoer lopen doen en als ze aangeklaagd worden kruipen ze in hun miezerige schulpjes en nemen ze de slachtoffer rol aan om een zo min mogelijke straf te krijgen.
Als ze echt ballen hadden nemen ze de volle straf op. Maar ze zijn bang om in de gevangenis hun sterretje kwijt te raken ziele pootjes :x
Also: These guys are not from Eindhoven. Your journal title and the title of video could make people think that this is the case :P
It happened in Eindhoven though
laat die brownydowny toch, hij niet snapt
i dont even want to watch this.
lol last weekend we beat up some half niggers in Eindhoven probably some marocans or some other pakis they tried to stole our car :o
wow these guys are really retarded..... grow the fuck up
we got badasses over here!
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