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Hey guys,

After a few years break I'm returning to ET. Quake Live became a huge shit (not even allowed to vote maps in duel anymore). Went on to Wow after that but that became boring fast too. So all that remains is going back to ET. Im looking forward to it. I used to love playing braundorf with no timelimit on cybergames and own noobs.. (even beat Butchji there). Where do I go to play Braundorf? I know the pros played at BIO but i dont like constant map switching, and Braundorf rules.
Speedy Bozar?
Speedy Bozar?
no lol.. : P i dont mind eating at mcdonalds
Use reply button. Also, BIO is quite dead, you have NBS servers with deli:supply 24/7 and a campaign server as well (but I don't knof if it is really working well) and EG Blue with no anticheat and rotation.
Pay for QL perhaps, you cheap cunt
Quote I used to love playing braundorf with no timelimit on cybergames and own noobs.. (even beat Butchji there)

wb :) 1v1 ??
e: buy a pro QL acc , cost 2€ and u will be able to vote maps and play all the maps
i think ql pretty much died coz of those restrictions given to people who dont pay..
You obviously have no fucking idea what you are talking about
1v1 baserace?
welcome back!
so which server do the pros play on?
i missed seeing you around here, the laughs were slowly fading

image: idiotshv4
downloaded tzac but nbs still doesnt want to allow me to play, what now?
On NBS#1 you have to have an tzac account 30+ days, its to prevent cheaters to come back with a new account.
pb init failure on hellserver
join irc quakenet , #et and ask for help there ;)
i think im ok now, had to login trough tzac
did u make that just now
artstar... this crossfire is buggy
man , can i has your config ? :o

i saw you playing once there , so insane !
trololol cfg changer!
Best aimer ever
mAus quick fake nicking man....
stfu, do you even squat my nigga
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