not going to play will not participate in this NC.

Due to lack of time and players I failed to complete the team. The last weeks have been terrible for me. I had to go to poland and take care of my family there. Now my internet keeps failing and I have a lot of RL stuff to take care of as well.

I thought that I could get a team together and I was pretty sure that I had the time to do it. But that totally changed a few weeks ago. I did my best but that wasn't enough. As you probably know Denmark doesn't have a lot of active players and I didn't find enough to complete the team.

I would like to apologize to the ones that wanted to play for the national team and tried to be as active as they can to be a part of this NC. I would also like to apologize to the admins. They are doing a great job and are trying their best to keep this game as active as possible. Keep it up guys. And last but not least I would like to apologize to the community.

Good luck to all the other teams. I hope that the NC will be a success and hopefully there will be a lot of great action. Take care.
Cancel IRL stuff when it starts bothering your gaming!
Der var da aldrig mulighed for hold til at starte med... og du har da ikke kontaktet mig? xD
havde faktisk ledt efter dig på mIRC, fandt dig bare aldrig. Skulle nok have sendt dig en besked her over cf...
Not a true danski anyways, with polish roots.
A polak as captain? Do you really expect they'd want to play with you?
Pretty much everyone wants to play with me :)
bla bla bla :X
who are you anyway?
that hurts dude
Sorry to hear it, but thanks anyway for trying. Good luck with the real life matters! :)
lol tbh i understand mexico cancels because i honestly know they have REALLY no players to play with, but denmark has pleny, compared to for example us? I have 8 players to choose from which 6 are "active" on teamspeak . Just on my xfire i have 3 players from denmark that play etpro.
I didn't know anything about that. They could have contacted me tbh.
Why don't you give your captaincy to someone else, maybe they could get 6 players! I mean, if CB admins are ok with it...
Sure if the admins agree on it. Doubt someone wants it. Already tried to talk with retsev about it but he doesn't want it. Maybe a guy like xcon could do it, he surely deserves it. Doubt we could fill 6 players anyway
nici z nc bloodje :C
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