Hey there,
Is there any way to unban myself from a jaymod server? U all know these bans when admins think you have a wh and shit...
I mean changing ip and stuff helps ? or changing etkey?
delete etkey
Go whine to their forum, that is what [dd] does.
This admin banned me from forum too and you know why? Becuz I busted him : http://forum.trackbase.net/threads/840-Gangsta-owner-of-france-beginners-cheater?p=18843#post18843
The owner of the server use a wallhack and he ban people who dont use wh (i'm definitively not the only one)... that's just hilarious ><
Why I want to reconnect to this server? Best jaymod settings ever
Better not bust admins of the servers where you want to play, idiot.
I wont reconnect with same nick idiot
ye there is, it depends rlly on the type of ban, most jaymod admins just usually ban your IP , so changing your ip will do (depending on your country and ISP provider) IP could be changed by simply restarting your router/modem. If it is the "next-level" ban , an admin will usually ban your IP + your MAC Address (sort of known as hardware ban), first you need to change ur MAC address (which is rlly easy but has some tricks!) , for that you could google for smac. Note: Changing your MAC address is allowed in many countries but disallowed in many others, some countries require you to ask your ISP for permission to change it providing a -valid- reason for it, you will find many tutorials for it which will warn you about this same thing, also you need to do the steps very carefully and you need an extra computer with connection to the internet while you do it (in case you fuck up one step and end up with no connection at all). If you change your MAC address (thast like the "serial" of your net card) you could end up with no connections, usually restarting your network adapter will do. Also write down your original MAC in case it doesnt work, you can always change it back to the original and will have np getting inet again. Tried many but only smac did the work, works on winxp and win7.
Thx for the answer, but do you know if deleting etkey works too?
Becuz it will be a bit difficult changing my mac adress, idd I have a shared connection (you know I live mostly in a University Residence so I use the residence connection so I dont know if changing MAC adress will work...
not sure if deleting etkey will work? cuz most jaymod server run without pb nowdays so I am not rlly sure if that will help, but u can try that 1st..
ur mac addres is from your PC , so if you are in a redidence it wont rlly matter, no need for permission i think. Just pm me if u need more infos
Okay thx =) seems like u already got banned too nah? :p
in the past many times from same jaymod server ye, not in the last 3 years tho.
come nq they will don't ban you :D
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