Transfer Paysafecard to Paypal ?

Hey folks,
I was wondering if it is possible to transfer money from a paysafecard to a paypal account ?

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TY !
it is possible but not directly, you will find people over the internet that will do it for you with a charge of 8% usually, I can do it for 4%, also for other merchants if needed. pm
no longer possible for me to do it today, I will be online again on sunday, pm me tthen if interested, cu
transfer to my bank account i'll give to you then :)
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You can't do this directly and by yourself. You need an exchanger meaning you give him your paysafecard and he will send you money to your PayPal account. Just google "paysafecard to paypal". You need to be careful what exchanger you choose because as you know paysafecard is like real cash money and you need to trust the person that you give it to. I would recommend you to use only a trusted exchanger.
However in the future you can use Ukash as it similar to Paysafecard and you can convert your Ukash to a prepaid master card on their website and then use it with PayPal:

3 years ago
i am to be trusted, done it a million times , can ask ant1y or exceed to batch me up lol
I'm still waiting for my 1,000,000e you owe me
I could also do it in exchange for a small percentage.
Give me my money
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