Logitech (WTF)

So how many of you guys use there porducts, for Mice to Keybords? Am not sure if am just unlucky or maybe have some tech mental break down syndrome! but every single one there peripherals i have ever owned. Breakdown, Fallapart or just cease to operate . my latest victim to the hardware bin is my beloved G110 keybord wich just decided it wont turn on anymore. As with its last one the G11. The best part is. each device is exacly 14 months old to the day!!!! so like any normal person you have the warrenty to fall back on to? DO YOU FUCK.. LOLtech just tell you to go fuck yourself in there exact words (Customer Damage)

so rant over i need a keybord! A good one, and when it breaks i want a new one, not next week not next month, Next working day!! i heard steelseries are good?
i have a keyboard from logitech, using this same one for +5years

I should probably replace it :v
omg what keyboard do you have I want it too :)
Got a mouse from logitech, been using it for ages now

And yes, almost all gaming material from steelseries is good, go for it
I had the logitech g9, worked for 2months got a new one and worked for 3months I remember phyzic had like 5 of those in 1 year after that I bought mx518 and used that for like 2-3 years without any probs kinda random.
g9's are shit.

and hehe yes mx518 still da bomb, mine been working for atleast 3 years now
g9 best mouse i've ever used even though I love my ms 3.0 YELLOW I still think g9 is bettarrrr
got mx518 for almost 2 years now
perfectly working
mx518 working for 2 years here !
stop copying what i say :s:s:s:s:s
dont rewrite what i type :/ :/ :/ :/ :/
Logitech G110 (won it :XDD ) and can say it's awesome keyboard - got it for years and not a single problem...
G11 for 4 years I think. Still working :D
got my mx518 for 4-5 years now i reckon :d still works but cable is fucked, random 45-180 degrees spins sometimes
Quoterandom 45-180 degrees spins sometimes

mouse, he said
Good question Homie, I rather wondered that myself.
I bought G11 like 5 years ago, gave it to friend year ago, fully functional and as far as I know, it still works like a charm.
I used MX518 for 3 years, then had it in closet for year or so, gave to another friend and it is working for him to this very day (almost 6 years old mouse).
I am using G400 since august of last year, no problems at all.

Maybe I am lucky with that or I just know how not to damage logitech goods :)
let me be your friend
Used mx510 for 5 years until the cable was no longer reliable (normal after such a long time and moving it and taking it everywhere with me) and I replaced it.
Been using Logitech 5.1 surround sound for like 7 years I guess and it still works great, no problems at all.
Logitech headset for 3-4 years when I decided it was way too old and replaced it (still works, plus it goes behind your ears and doesn't mess with your hair = BEST)
G19 keyboard - I've had it for like a year now. Works great, would be useful if I played RTS games but I still love it, no problems whatsoever.
Mx518 and G500. Both still work after a couple of years. Still, I liked the Mx510 over both of them, just felt better.

No problems here.
I've been using the first Logitech G15 Keyboard for around 5 years and it still works.
Now I'm using a Steelseries 6Gv2 which is quite good aswell.

Keyboards I can recommend:
Steelseries 6Gv2 or 7G
CM Storm ones (only the mechanical ones)
Razer BlackWiddow Ultimate
20€ Cherry mechanical

If you want replacement the next day, I suggest you buy at your local store and let them give you a business contract for your device in case of breakdown.
I have fallen in love with the 6gv2 red edition, when i get home from school and its terrible keyboards i always get this hrrr when i start typing with it :D
try to stop spilling carling on them mate ;)
My all mice which were Razers broke down. Now i got logitech and its working fine :)
I had 2 mx518, one had the break in the cable. Now I got g500 and a random 15€ ps2-keyboard.
Over the years ive had about 5 g9's few g5's and 2 keyboards and all of these products have broken down within 6 months. So i would never recommand logitech products. Been using the alienware tacx keyboard and ms intelli eye 3.0 mouse for a few years and had no problems with it.
All my mx518s stopped working after 0,5-2,5 years and I had like 4 of those so far microswitches and sensors failing.
Had the same problem with Steelseries Ikari Optical which sensor just stopped working after 6 months.

And reason can't be rough use because I don't ever hit my gear as I poor student who can't afford to buy 50e mice.
just make sure you buy either a mechanical one or a cheap rubber one. Paying 50-100e for a rubber dome keyboard (like G-keyboards from logitech) is such a waste.
Never had problems with logitech, only have the mx518 for ~7 years and my mx510 prior to that. No problems at all :)))

Buy a $5 keyboard, pointless spending more.
I have owned a MX518 which has done its job awfully well. If it hadn't been for the surface I would probably still be using it. Meanwhile I switched to a G400, the one without angle snapping and it's amazing. I adore it.
MX518 almost since it's release - never changed it, just swapped for new teflon feet every now and then.

Admittedly there were long periods of use as a desktop mouse only rather than for gaming as well.

It still works perfectly, however, the Logitech software that suits it is (deliberately?) becoming progressively more of a pain to adapt to each new operating system.

Soon it will likely be impossible and thereby force me to change.
i use logitech G11 + G9.
works since 4-5 years .

Never had problems with logitech:

5.1 audio
MX Revolution
MX 518(shit mouse)
I've had my g400 mouse for a year and now it's broken.
Microsoft SideWinder X4, one of few membrane keyboards that can do the Lazy Dog test, costs -€35 and includes a 3 year warranty. It's either that or a mechanical (~€70+) imo.
lol, the 'lazy dog test' - I was suprised how many keyboards used to fail this.

I think almost all modern keyboards - certainly those which are marketed at gamers, will have keys independently mapped onto their underlying circuitry.

I bought an own brand one only a few weeks ago (for about £10 delivered) that passed this test.
Most certainly still fail the test imo, but I would definitely be interested in some within the price range you mentioned. Most keyboards marketed at gamers are either overpriced, fail at simple tasks or look like some alien space ship.
Pretty sure it was Scan or Overclockers; (thinking more the latter actually).

It has a very cheesy looking graphic on it, a bit like the head of a lion, but it works perfectly - and (for me at least), is 100% compatible with the Mac system too. (I initially bought it when running Bootcamp).

I'm surprised that any company is allowed to market a 'gaming' keyboard, (even though that hardly qualifies as a legally binding term, the price point should!) - when it has been soldered onto the same board to save money.

I would expect Dell-style office systems to still do this, but not keyboards sold at a premium to gamers.
Most keyboards marketed at gamers do not fail this test anymore, problem is many of these are still priced ridiculously, around €65. Now it's been 2.5 years since I bought the X4, but I compared it to some of the gaming keyboards of that time, and some of them are still being sold today in Sweden. Razer Arctosa, Razer Lycosa, Roccat Arvo marketed as gaming keyboards being sold for almost twice as much as the X4 all fail the lazy dog test (which I guess could be described as Minimum 2-key rollover, correct me if I'm wrong).

That's why I would recommend X4 to people who do not feel it's necessary to shed out the cash for a mechanical. However I would definitely be interested in keyboards below the €35 mark which is what the X4 is currently priced at in Sweden. The keyboard you described does remind me of smth, but I can't think of what brand/model it might be.
go steelseries

i was waiting for your comment!
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