Game server stup

I am gonna create a public server but the problem is that I don't have a lot of time.
School & etc, I was wondering if some of you people had some time too help me out.
I got already 2 servers online 1 private and 1 public.
The IP of the public server is:
Send me a PM here.

PS: idle in: #wolfenstein

PS: we are still busy with the server "".
What kind of help do you need? and what mods are your servers?
People that know how to create/setup a public server, a mods for the server is their choice.
BUT I don't want friends politics what I see here on crossfire.

Now I'm off to sleep ByeBye!
Well I have a jaymod server.cfg laying around my laptop. I also have |>B<|'s 2007 ETPub server.cfg, if you want either of those just PM me.

*edit*, I can also just make you a server.cfg, just name some settings and I'll see what I can do
Jaymod? are you for real man
Yes I am, there is alot of people who still enjoy jaymod. look at FA servers.
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Quoteaptitude install devscripts build-essential
ask no1Poseidon. He has an internet business and everything.
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