PC Crashing

Basically since today that I got my new CPU im having a lot of problems. Since my PC is 5 years old and im not in current state of buying or replacing it with a new one, I only ordered CPU since the old one was broken, so I got AMD Phenom Quad-Core 9950 BE.
First problem i was having, was overheating but I somehow fixed that, but now im facing with even more dumb problem, I cant run ET as my PC will simply shut down. It's like, i would start ET, it would go through loading screen and actually enter in game for 1 sec and then PC would simply shut down. I have honestly ran out of ideas as what the problem could be so I was wondering if anyone got any clue about this.

Till now i have tried re-set the processor again into the socket, put new lay of thermal paste, properly set heatsink again, re-plug the GPU, running prime95. Funny thing is that my system is working normally, meaning i can browse firefox, watch movies, talk on skype/xfire/irc, listen youtube, I can even play LoL and the PC would not shut down, while ET is completly opposite.


AMD Phenom Quad-Core 9950 BE.
ATI Radeon 3870 HD - 512mb
570W PSU
Temp's of CPU while idle: 35-37°C
Temp's of CPU while playing LoL: 43-45°C

If there's anything else thats needed for info, let me know.

GermanyOxy can probably help you:D
We have been in touch already at evening, things we tried, sadly haven't been working, I wasn't been able to get in touch with him afterwards, so i thought at some point to make this topic and maybe he will figure out something new along the way.
It's sending you a message OMG ANIKY YOU PLAY TOO MUCH OMG
It may be in config..

there is a lot of cvars, dat can fuck up your pc...
cg_fov is quite suspicious
Most unhelpful answer ever? This is like a friend asking me where I am going on holiday and me replying by pointing in some random direction and saying "probably over there somewhere"
I suggested the same however the claims the default config reacts the same. The only thing, at this point, other than hardware failure (which is very unlikely given the symptoms don't show under heavy stress testing via Prime95 or even other games/applications being ran), is a driver issue, specifically OpenGL.
Pretty sure it's something with OpenGL as well, i have re-installed again completly drivers and et as well, funny thing now was, that when I clicked on main ET icon, i got into the game (main menu), i was able to create profile at etpro and actually connect to random ettv game, where it was showing end scores of beach map, after the time ran out, the map loaded to 2nd round (at point when it shows u as free specator) and at that point PC shut down, so now it's really wierd already, but starting to dobut that its any of hardware related issues.
Re-installed et in that point, no effect.
I remember i had problem with that after i installed SS engine on my pc + changed back to my old monitor..
It just freezed in that "menu loading" when you have those grey clouds there and i had to reboot my PC..


I had to change those to make it work..


+ try to change number of cores used for ET
so i'm not the only one with this issue,started happening for me in the past few days,first i've thought it's some kind of virus but after i ran multiple scans i was suspicious it might be sth else.

Eeverything else works fine only when i start ET and play a bit PC restarts,was thinking to reinstall but seems like that won't help either :S

So i'm thinking it's prolly tzac,no BSOD this time only PC reboot :(

P.S. you might be right i've forgot i've updated gpu drivers the other day so maybe it's that :O
And Temp's of CPU while playing ET ? If you can read it when the game is runing ?
Can't read since the game goes fullscreen and im not able to minimize it at that particuar moment, but it shouldn't overcome 42°C
r_fullscreen 0? Did you uninstall the old driver complete?Maybe your new cpu needs to much power.Is your cpu supported by your mobo?The new cpu is an am2+ socket Modell,did you flash your bios or do you own a specific mobo?
Okay, i tried to run et with r_fullscreen 0, loaded into main menu, set my cfg and set into fullscreen, connected to random ettv game and at the moment its working. The temps when ET is running are from 41-45°C.

As for the flashing bios, i didn't do it, but i updated bios thro inet. For mobo i used the CPU-Z program to run it for details, click here for SS.
The motherboard is not supporting your Cpu http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M2NSLI/#support_CPU
Seems it supports cpu's only with up to 95W TDP
I updated the BIOS from that site, on this link here. So how come the system is working normally now, also it appears that the ET problem has been soloved by itself i would say, since i can't recon changing anything in particular.
I barely doubt the mobo will be damaged if the cpu is to hot,better undervolt the cpu.
The error appeared again, this time after entering some random server, just shut down again.
Your mobo is only for cpu's with maximum 95W TDP but your CPU is with 125W TDP.It will damage your mobo if you don't use another cpu or undervolt it.
And how am i supposed to do that?
Kay, will read and let u know how it went.

E: any diff if its PC or laptop since its laptop manual?
No should be same way
I replaced ORTHOS CPU Loader with prime95, since it can stress 4 cores, while if i saw correctly, ORTHOS can only 2.
Seems i will be in need of new motherboard, talked with friend, decided that leaving it with this old one, which is not having high TDP, would only result in one of the 2 components dieing.

So im most likely getting this one:


Has everything i need and has 140W CPU support.
open notpad, napis notri asdf pust odprt odpri et
ce bos meu sreco, ko se bo hotu ugasnt te bo prasu ce hocs shranitii notepad in ga bo do takrt minil :> ker delaya shutdown za par sekund ..

to sm jst naredu ko sm meu power kable sfakane :D
Bom probov ce bom imu se ta problem, sam ne vrjamem da bo pomagal ker je kokr da bi sam kabl vn potegnu, ga ciz shutdowna, ni nc delaya.
isto je blo pr men kr je dobu komp signal shutdown od nevem kje pa ga je notepad ustavu sm biu lahko se naprej na kompu
Aja, sam je itk poj process biu za shutdownat a ni? mislm napaka bi bla se naprej tm, sj bom probov ce bom imu se to pa bom vidu ce bo notepad pomagov kej.
sam jst sm meu kable u kurcu pa je do kratka stika prslo pa je biz zato shutdown, ce sm komp przigov tko da sm zice skp dov.. to je biu opup od kompa :D

cene pa ce mas windows7 nekje pod power saving mas mogoce kko opcijo k jo nerabs k je vec al mn za leptop

a samo ko et odpres ti odfuka komp?
Ja sam takrt kokr sm et loadov mi je ugasnu, sj zj dela, nvm kako ampak pac dela. Mam pa win XP SP2 32 bit.
krneki... :D
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