Wondering about TZAC

I was kinda wondering the same

QuoteI am asking myself...

Whats with tzac now, whos making it now, whos the main moderator/owner or whatever? (chaplja?)
Who the fuck is chaplja, and why is he banned dafuq? http://t.entirely.pro/profile.php?id=1
Whats the story of Tomislav Zubcic, tzac and future?

Written by akmaggot666 on 1 May 2013 12:29

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who cares?
to resume:

QuoteSorry but TZAC has been bypassed and currently still is. I know people with a wallhack that works on TZAC and isn't detected. And take a look at all the hackers on TZAC not getting caught.. for example: jon aka ohurcool (clanbase admin), ph0kuz (aka NET error), STONERRRRRR, and a long list of other players. Not to mention all the hackers playing on NBS #1 (EDIT: just ask jon and opiate, oh wait jon will deny his involvement with this.. add tehopiate on xfire and I'm sure he will sell you a private TZAC wh for $40 or some pizza..)

There's not much demand anymore for ET hacks, especially in etpro. And with the way TZAC is marketed, in my opinion.. it's done specifically to scare people. I'm not saying that it doesn't actually detect things... but I'm sure even some free hacks out there remain undetected. The whole "TZAC waits to ban you" thing is what gets people unsure. People who used to make PB undetected hacks don't wish to dedicate their time working on 9 year old dead ET, which isn't even supported by the devs or original AC software. They'd rather dedicate their time and resources to knewer games like all those new CODs that came out. Also I think if muppet or anyone made some kind of public cheat it would be pointless.. and that your best bet is to risk it and buy one privately. Like always, cheats that are shared (public) go detected fast.

What I find odd is chaplja has the nerve to make hacks for all the mods but only let's TZAC work on etpro, doesn't matter I guess since so many people are hacking on TZAC. Comp play is basically pointless :/.

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LOOOOOL SRSLY I rlly cant believe I read this quote again hahahahaha lmfao, Ohurcool and STONERRRR haha man pls dont be so braindead to quote this guy never again in ur life, but thanks for the laugh. If i remember correctly, wasnt it tazyaa who said that ? Any1 got that wild faggot pokemon image to post pls
No, it was United States of America ETSneak. He was also looking to pay money for a hack because he was shit.
ok. But do you happen to have this img I am talking about ? Its like some sort of pokemon thing with tazyas face on it and says wild faggot appeared or smth xd
Damn, for all these years i have been playing with a cheater :(
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What is google
Apart from what those people are commentting above me, i think TZAC won't be the best anticheat system in the future because no one updates it.

So if anyone cares to make new ac , please be my guest. If not, we might aswell play with pb, tzac or any other not-anymore-updated ac which can't stand a chance to new hacks/ways to bypass them. This is same as not using any ac at all.

PB and TZAC are dead and we need something new for the community. Some ac which needs payment to active? Perhaps. If someone makes one, i would be ready to pay little fee for someone to update working ac.
Get new, FREE Anticheat
Ban all the excheaters aswell

ya willin' to play alone in the future? :^)
:D !!! (antza??)
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