Wolfenstein : The New Order

Don't know if this already got discussed here but as it seem there will be a new Wolfenstein most likely in the style of Wolfenstein 2.

Trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPRTJ3cgsPw

What are your thoughts on this?
Read it 5 mins ago at Gamespot (http://www.gamespot.com/news/wolfenstein-the-new-order-revealed-6407979)

seems to futuristic for my taste.
hmm but its still based in the 1960's so the only futuristic thing would be the axis/nazis high technology like always :D
Robots... don't like robots
So... you did not like RTCW?
Saw it aswell.
Its going to be even worse than the last Wolfenstein
I loved the MP of last wolfenstein
bad attempt at trolling.
But Im serious, I really liked it :o
thats like saying you like to be butt-fucked with a rotten palm tree
it just happened, that I still consider it the best MP of all time. and its not a troll :D even with 25fps I played hours jumping around n stuff :d
yep, the MP was awesome !
+1, but way too easy
Me 2, just that my PC couldn't handle it :p
most probably going to be full crap with ironsight
it will be worse than the new wolfenstein...

dont know what makes those people think, that i will like robots & high. tech. in 1960s...
Quotedont know what makes those people think, that i will like robots & high. tech. in 1960s...

hypocrite much?
NICE! Lets hope. Hope for our loved gameplay. Story could be good.
Time will tell!
teaser looks good so far. But lets wait for the demo/gameplay video
robots in 1960s
insta fail
zombie/robot übersolders in 40´s ? its fiction, its hard to imagine a story that follows rtcw... ;)
this will be terrible mate

what multiplayer would you expect from this game ?
what competitive potential do you see in this ?
sure, Xbox & ps3 sounds like crap. but maybe the pc convertion will be done fine.
tiny chance for a good game, but better than nothing or cod :D
just no
i just cant imagine it.
maybe some gears of war+cod
cos you know. the 7 year olds will have to begg their parents for the game to roll noobs !

e:but.. it is a bethesda so anything could happen
cool a new shit is born...wait and see but i doubt of it
I just came
Those game creators need to understand ET community prefers gameplay to gfx because we arent faggots/kids playing the game casually. Computer games are taken very seriously by every single guy at crossfire website and we all know that we take down gfx to teh floor in order to play it competitively.
I approve.
What makes you think they want to appeal to the ET community?
Because we were the first ones to support their games. They should ask our opinion because we know what has kept us playing this game for years.
more players from outside of ET community will probably buy this game, so they would be appealing to a minority - so they likely wouldnt try to appease said people in the first place.
bingo, they will aim to appease the largest group of people that will pay them money for it p:

what Pope LeFrancis is trying to say is...


haha :)

always good to have fps titles on the horizon, imo, even if they turn out to be bad - although I wont be pre ordering this one :D same as DB
exactly what im trying to say
Even though it says Wolfenstein Enemy Territory the link between it and ET is very little, only the assets are shared and thats about it.

ET doesn't need a new game to get back into the minds of people, what ET needs is better gameplay. The gameplay of the game is utterly boring to watch, where most fun of the game really was in the random crap that people used to do on public servers ( splatting, trickjumping etc. ). We need new mechanics and balance changes. This doesn't say that we have to change everything but looking into the gameplay that has been static for many years now can be a good thing, if only for the debate that it'd start.
If gameplay would change, i would prob stop playing it and i guess plenty of others as well, ppl play this game for it's reason and one of it is as well having this specific gameplay, that actually require proper aiming and gamesene apart of all these new shit games.
This reply makes me think that you do not completely understand what I said above.
Cant tell without showing the gameplay tbh
Published by Bethesda, nice! Nice trailer/teaser aswell
Apart from the whole "BUT THIS ISN'T THE RtCW/ET FRANCHISE AT ALL" circlejerk that usually always occurs around here... The trailer, in a cinematic way, was actually pretty great and well-done.

Eh, looks like it'll be primarily focusing the consoles, you can expect another super-easy to play casual game with huge CoD/BF influence. Ironsights, predefined automatic move/jump mechanics, supposed realistic weapon spread/burst fire system, regenerating health and no strafe/hip shooting coming right up.

QuoteMachineGames wurde 2009 von ehemaligen Mitarbeitern der Starbreeze Studios gegründet und 2010 von ZeniMax erworben. Derzeit arbeitet MachineGames für Bethesda Softworks, einem Tochterunternehmen von ZeniMax, an einem noch unangekündigten Projekt, das auf der revolutionären id Tech® 5-Technologie von id Software basiert. Der Firmensitz von MachineGames befindet sich in Uppsala, Schweden.

From MachineGame's site directly, which, according to Carmack's twitter, are the devs behind the new Wolfenstein game. Lots of bla bla bla and some gobble and durka here, but they're hinting at the fact of developing a "not yet announced game in the id tech5 engine".

For those unaware, games like ET:QW, Quake 4, Brink and the recent Wolfenstein letdown all used id tech 4, apart from "Rage" I don't think there's any games at all using id tech 5.

Depending on where they're going with it, id tech 3 was brilliant, 4 was utterly worthless... But given the focus on consoles, i'd wager it's shit.
what tech did rage use?
i actually liked the style,story and gameplay of rage :D
.... apart from "Rage" I don't think there's any games at all using id tech 5.
Such casual bullshit judging by this alone that I wont even be bothered to watch any gameplay videos.
Published by Bethesda, will be ultimate and boring shit like 99% of their games.
Hey fuck you bro, Fallout 3 was sick, New Vegas was...okay...might not be your style but they're solid games
Hey fuck your mom bro!

F3 was shit for a fan of orginal FO titles. didnt play NV, but heard it was bugged as hell
Good teaser, expecting a decent game coming from a company like Bethesda. Now if it will have ironsights and cod/bf mentality, it is a very likely scenario.
I fucking hate cinematic trailers seriously, that one didn't tell me jack shit :D
It might not even have multiplayer for all we know.
idTech 5, will probably have vehicles, perhaps mechs.
hopefully not :D
 Jimi Hendrix > The New Order
its going to be shit
its going to be shit


why the fuck do they keep trying making something without consulting me ??
i vote for waste of resources+money for the 3rd time, being etqw the 1st + wolfenstein the 2nd
multiplayer almost certainly will not play a major role during development - just face it, FPS is dead in the competitive scene.
come at me bruder
i cum at you bro, you will not see it coming
they forgot about me. liked
No gameplay in teaser = sucki teaser.
most likely cause they dont have a working alpha yet.
another game going to rape ET's name.
rtcw´s name. more specifically wolf3d´s name. more specifically Castle Wolfenstein´s name.
But jeah a good game´s name.
My opinion:

1. too much mech, too little occult in the "trailer"
2. will be developed for consoles -> will most likely suck on pc, we got many examples for this.
2.1 will be developed for consoles -> controlls will be messy on pc
2.2 will be developed for consoles -> will be casual to the max -> multiplayer will suck balls.
3. bethesda ist great but nothing was any good in the wolfenstein universe since RTCW.
4. the 60s storyline could be interesting since its new and not some rewritten shit, still unlikely to catch the typical wolfenstein flair.

i will obviously try it out, but after so many let downs, i dont expect anything.

still: where is the big news on the frontpage?
big news is gone like the life from the community
Another fail game inc.... they have fun with ruin the name of Wolfenstein?! :O
Repeating the never ending cycle of shit that started with Quake4.
gonna be shit, but I can understand those developers. why would you make a game that Wolfenstein / crossfire community wants (50 000 people tops) when u can make cod / bf clone (millions of people) and make some serious bucks if the game is good
Personally, I'm excited.
Irony detected!
This has almost the same story line as proposed for the Axis Revenge game that was started before ET-XreaL (so a few years ago now).

I'm trying to find the script I made for the "story line" of that game because this is basically the same...

Anyway will probably be a fun single player game but need more details about MP :)
haha, I thought about the same when I read about it ;) We should've kept it going it seems :)
Have you still got the source code and specifically the plot line that was developed for it?
I have pretty much all data on a hdd back at home. Unfortunately I am far from home until mid of July.
this isnt wolfensetein...this is fucking shite
people complaining that it looks futurist but they forget that it's bethesda behind all, that's the most scary part of it + the fact that its coming on consoles
You know what, I'm probably going to buy it, no matter what. Just incase..
Robots with glowing red eyes and "All Along the Watchtower" playing in the background… Someone liked Battlestar Galactica wayyy too much :X
lets wait for the results. After fist time playing ET i sad it would be shit too..
but than it was not that worse :D
u're a bad fucking optimist
So it is using a variation of the IDTech 5 engine. Will be interesting to see if (physics/movement wise) it is any different to Rage (2011).


edit: also for all the "why are there robots n shit??" haters...
If the robots is just for the singleplayer ok, so i hope the multi will be like RTCW maybe... Or not. :D
jeah, mp needs no occult or robots. SP needs it ofcourse.
idtech5 engine was really good in RAGE (in my opinion), I would be happy if they didn't change anything except maybe having a faster walking speed.
99 problems but wolf aint one
If it'll be out on the PC will probably give it a go, but not expecting much.
Something new coming out for the Wolfenstein universe is better than nothing and being forgotten.
The studio developing it was the same behind Dishonored, it could be worse than that.
And finally, its hard to be worst than the last Wolfenstein (2009)
And for last, they dropped Activision, that gotta be a good thing.
I dont get it why people complain about the Ironsights, as i can remember most of the people used config scripts to zoom in/out ingame, ironsights are almost the same thing already built into the game.
ironsights are incompatible with movement and good gameplay.
i personlay used an "zoom" via fov only very rarely and only about wide distances
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