'The New Order' & Battlefield 3

Well well well Bethesda..

first you bring us the nazi invasion, then super nazi's, now nazi's invading the worlds major cities with robots..
i can honestly feel a #facepalm coming for this game..

plus does anyone else play battlefield3 on ps3? hit me up!

I wanna sell BF3 on ps3, shit game is shit.
New World Order?
new release in the wolfenstein series.
not surprising that someone willing to play an FPS on console did also not notice that bethesda dropped wolfenstein.
the ones you wonna be hating at is zenimax
that was totally correct, i started to rant! sorry about the false info :XD
lol fps game on console, I really don't get it -.-
i think that the newer games feel better on ps3&360, its nothing against the pc, i just dont enjoy newer releases like i enjoy cod4 and ET.
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