Tosspot screams like a little girl!

Benfica DENIED!

Discuss! :D
ok we discuss
ugly match
Benfica dominated the majority of it but I thought Chelsea weren't too bad!
LOL once again Chelsea won cup and didnt deserve it :D

poor Cardoso is was an offside :<?
It's not 'good' football if you fail in the penalty box and fail to defend against those chelsea goals. No matter how beautiful the football by Benfica was, Chelsea deserved to win because they finished their chances. They even had better scoring opportunities in the end if you count that shot from Lampard.
I meant, another shitty season of Chelsea ended with Europe trophy :P. They have serious troubles with every single oppo in last 2 years :P
Champions League and Europa league in the cabinet at the same time :D
Too bad of Lampards shot, wouldve been a sick goal. Same goes for Cardozos shot tho.
benfica played
chelsea watched
chelsea wins

not bad
It's Benficas fault for not taking their chances
well i'm not sure about Cardoso offside...

but cool story that Torres scored another important goal and Lampard got another trophy with this club!
Well technically he was offside but very marginally and Ye I'm so glad he scored :) also that was an amazing shot from Lamps! xD
image: slbenfica-logo
keeping up the pride man

i dont want to blame anything on chelsea...but its just sick how much bad luck benfica has every fucking season for ages already..its always the same shit: losing a very important in the last minutes by one goal eventho being the better team..
reminded me to bayern last year
Chelsea sucks hard... but Benfica doesn't have the balls to be a champion.
Charleroi woot woot
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