The return of the King?

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no im not back yet
19:01:23 <unforgiven> I never left so what comeback you talking about?
:)) Hello Ronald
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by unforgiven • 28 Jun 2013, 14:30
You and Marcus finnally together? Is good, because I heard gay mariage is legal in USA.
Thought u were talking about infernal :(
the only guy ive ever known and is worth calling a king is infernal
+1, tell them phyzic :s
stop lying to the good people of crossfire! every1 knows that i am the master king !
And yet everyone knows I'm the Emperor!
What's wrong kalli? Can't take anymore?
Not surprising coming from the Emperor's whore.
added me like 2 weeks back aswell, no clue why
Ronald the plumber is back
still waiting for him to come to malta to beat me up
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