greatest win?

what was your greatest win in et? maybe a single sick frag to return obj in offi or just complete rape the entire game.
my greatest win was an sta match aganist enhanced when I took out 3 players in the last 50 sec of frostbite then took obj and won. even tho we lost the game, was a sick win on fb.

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well done!
You have € 183 on se SWE
You won € 2430.24

You have € 250 on se SWE
You won € 3320
wtf y u so good
No problem for giving you some thursday entertainment
4th one is clearly from FinlandSungi. Nice one trying to take credit for his awesome skills.
3:09 beach vs xperlow and his buttfuckbuddies
Greatest win might be this one.
We won radar for less than a second. Gr was different though
Lady Macbeth codelust'Statti 55 kills
well done

specs never understand how much pressure a team is going thru at that point in time
good stuff

will watch replay wen i get the time
ipod, remember when ET died 16/10/2012 (almost a year ago)

image: 2dbuqv8
after that war i laid down in bed and tears rolled down my face and i whispered "rest in pieces sweet prince"
i was masturbating
i kill butchji one time, in server public

made my live ( =

on warmup ) =
In english now?
image: 1374744875530
Plays grammar nazi -> writes English without a capital "E"
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How about yes? At least I can type.
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image: 1372781600968
Seems like I'm not the only one! Doh
Ohhhh... :')
sCope wins.

Round 2.

Begin !
Haha can't be arsed ^^
Defending the west parts against Team Massacre in 2003 granting us the first place on the CB Benelux 6on6 ladder.
intense moment or no?
When we won with epica against Anticlimax :'(

RIP ET 6on6.
back in teh dayz when we were playin 5v5 a faggot were bringin obj to transmitter and BOOOOOOOOOOM x10 panzerkill liek a boss noone could bring teh obj to teh final distination eheheheh
one time i killed someone with a rifle
winning NC X grand final vs BE with the deciding Lepari's docrun, still getting chills from watching the vid and remember the reactions on our comms at those moments

there are some other really tight and important games I've won, but that one really sticks out as it was our first NC team after the "parodia era" without the star players and nobody really believed we could achieve anything

what was going on comms
seriously love that clip
the comms started to get really intense when we saw that we still had a chance at it and once we realized lepari got away from the belgians and the way was all clear, everyone just went crazy screaming and stuff :D
fucking awesome
oh man, musta been awesome
epic win man
"and lio might finish em off AND HE DOES"
that was a nice match indeed :o)
wow u still alive eheheh
and so are you!
yes bro real men never die
we keep rollin bitchez 24/7
Back when ET meant something :'(
beat Celsus like 3 times in row back in 09 with Europe Silentium

edit: Won a map vs Dignitas too
hmm, maybe this
there where 4 fullholds on the first two maps and then adler, it was all random, enemy set a 6 min time and they also made a 5man support fire in the 2nd round, but somehow built up our teamplay and rolled for the rest of the map
love those type of intense games
i built cp in a 6o6 offi once
Taking a map against NP on CDC(?) and doing the same the next LAN.
my best moment is every time i get to play together with the guy who beat butchji
had many good moment, from the latest ones I remember the match vs estonia which we won 4-0 but actually it was the closest match I've ever played and it could have easily ended as a two map victory for ee guys. but as people show their frags as their best moments here, I'll post a short clip Raiven made for me long ago :p

one time I shoot alot of hs in 3on3, and I had alot of more dmg than Domi, who I played against!
That moment when I won my first MAP on a LAN event... Oh wait, I didnt.

They had only 1sec remaining to do the truck but couldnt make it and 2nd round we won by 9secs remaining.
One of the most enjoyable games i've played in ET..

we were pretty proud of ourselves for winning this game 4-0, not sure why :D

other than that, all I can think of is the countless times that we (me, United States of America peaches, and United States of America sandbag) played late night games vs NA players who would talk shit the entire time - United States of America joker, United States of America phokuz, United States of America champ, Canada khardi, etc. - and just completely destroyed them without saying a single word back to them

phokuz lol that grass cutting taco eating dick sucking handicapped faggot
When i faced an ant.
Personally: - Right place right time on Radar

Team: - We had to win 4:0 to get past LAN group stages so it was an intense finish for us!
when i think about it mostly they're all pracs from the older days, first time winning big teams felt better than any of the wins later

in 2004 we got a chance to play team finland in practice war. we were just 3rd divisioners back then and didnt even play against any good teams in praccs but we were known to be quite battery players so when team finland agreed to play with us we're really going to give our best! well, it wasnt even close, we had easy time winning them. they wanted to play it again and we gladly raped them one more time.

2005 we got to play cs iNfensus comeback in pracc war. it wasnt a long match since they quited after getting raped for 20 mins in oasis. we felt they acted a bit ego so it was very nice to give em a nice good assrape :)

another one is pracc vs u96d on a day they played their first dasboot v parodia ec final so we were expecting some very serious warmup war from them and a usual stomp as we had played before. surpsingly we managed to get like 10 min time on oasis and managed to hold full 20 mins on defence after they voted more time. after they asked us to leave after that and i guess they were looking some tax again. after they beat parodia easily so i guess it helped!

also some praccs from SKIT days were nice as some players were rofling at me for playing with them. they became pretty silent after they didnt get flag in supply tho. last laugh is the best laugh :D

about offis.. i guess oc victory was nice as our best player didnt play and we needed to prove that we are this level without him too, and so we did! also as it was very tight 3 mapper so ill always remember it :)

Viewer Peak: 98

The win was pretty intense, we won adlernest in like 1/2 seconds
probably against rockit in 2008 in da SC
Defeating ET's best snipers with my team on ae_sniper_challenge, true story :)
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