LoL 3.10 Patch Preview

What do you think about the buffs and nerfs? I'm really interested to see how it's going to play out.

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nerf elise = good, no more fking dive with yolo swapping aggro from turret with these little spiders who tank for ages

dat yi remake gonna be worst when playing ad =s (well can only be played ad for now xd )

ryze was too stronk, now his movement speed buff from ult can be more usefull
ryze balanced
elise nerf is ok, eventhough it was fun to play her
new locket is OP, same goes to spirit visage

noone cares what happened to yi
sup with the fps drops on patch 3.9 did they fix them on this patch?
Why is Yi still in the game?
Master Yi sehr gut jawohl
played tf, got trolled by the "pick a card" cooldowns whole game
bad jungler

Frop, wat is je nick in de game?
I hate changes,hate them!
It can change alot. Should be done at new season only, not at "middle" of this one.
Master Yi AP = bye bye, Master Yi AD = OP, way too much for my "taste"...
Vayne is still good
I don't understand why they removed the evolution of Aegis...
yi is fucking master of jungle atm
his cooldowns on Q + no mana on E gives him at 3 minute with proper runes double buff + 3 and 1/2 level so inb4 nerf
whats ur nick in LoL :P? wanna be friends? :P
played now for the 1st time elise with the new patch and it sux :< towerdive byebye :/
master yi AD is too op(hope this champ will get deleted)
golems spawn is ok since im not playing adc so i dont give a fuck
yi crazy OP in soloq...enter teamfights a little delayed and clean up EVERYTHING
ryze nerfed hard
elise nerfs good
thresh slightly buffed imo
tf nerfed HARD...dont think he is top tier anymore...he basically only has his ult which helps for laning phase ganks,aside from that most popular mids can do more than him
vayne nerfs not enough
karthus nerfs unneccessary...but probably wont hurt much

RIP bulwark...dont like this change...supports have almost nothing to build now anymore
+1 on ryze nerf, that range decrease on rune cage is just a fucking disaster

however the mvmnt speed increase is good to chase
riot always doing those unneccessary nerfs, stupid noobs don't know shit. tf completely worthless now, dunno about ryze, prolly same
I don't play LoL and I don't care.
miss bulwark : )
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