Ibiza 2013

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FILM I'VE MADE @ USHUAIA - AVICII - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=697101176971208&l=6961628545963597120

Back from Ibiza.

Won't even try to describe, it is so unbelievable, how does it look like.
A bit dissapointed about Privilege, Space has got the greatest sound effect, Pacha with full of rich people with the dress code, which actually is in use (not like in the other clubs, but it is ok anyway), Amnesia with a great dubstep party of Nero, Chase & Status & Feed Me on the one hand and Afrojack with Shermanology on the other and for me, the best party was @ Ushuaia. Avicii made the show, so incredible. The stage was really huge and the lighting fitting was the best I've ever seen anywhere.

I should also mention the Pukka Boat Party - which was insane! The countryside at the open sea & nice music made the job well. San Antonio's street - West End - for me & my friends - it was the biggest pathology in the Island. Of course, in positive meaning. Who's been there, knows what I mean.

Oh, if you are going to Ibiza -> surely visit PLAY2 @ West End, San Antonio ;)

For those, who have been there -> let me know your feelings about your stay. What clubs have you been in, what musician have you been listening to ?

Need to mention, that I have spent there two weeks. It's really enough, because there are some places, between the parties, which are really worth seeing. I was staying in Port des Torrent (Barcelo Pueblo Hotel), so I've been for example to Cala de Compte - amazing beach with cyan water in sea. I just regret that I was not in mood to go to Formantera, but surely, will go to Ibiza next year, so I can try that also.

I now understand, what Ibiza means in real. You should feel it by yourself, otherwise you will be without any knowledge of parties (of course, Miami should be also amazing).

Regards, have a good night.

LOW ENGLISH, I'm sorry.
ibiza always great fun :)
cya next year
yeah, that's true.
Ibiza interlaced me so much.
I would be coming every year, till the time I got the family.
pls, chase&status and feedm me are enaf.
I fell in love with this awesome island two months ago. Next year I'll be dj in a dancebar!
Lol i was there to from the 1st till 8th august.
I hated san Anotinio, guess thats just something for poor poeple ahaaauwww!
Marco Carola / panpot Music: on :D
QuoteMarco Carola / panpot Music: on :D

could not agree more
malczik xD
going there on 29th :)
nice, what clubs you go
Ushuaia, Linekers, Boat Party and one new beach club...
Other clubs will be chosen later

went there twice already. last time 2 years ago. gonna be great :)
I haven't been to Linekers, but I've heard a lot of goods about this club. Is it really worth visiting ?
Ushuaia is getting better all over the year, it can be the best party on the Island soon, though.
Linekers is a small pub-like bar with around 100-200 people. selling beer and cocktails in+outside

best atmosphere ever! small but great and not so expensive ;) (2 cocktails 8 euro)
I should try that next year! Thanks for recommendation!
btw. is that in San Antonio or Eivissa, coz I didn't notice ?
just came back from ibiza... was AWESOME!!

Linekers is in San Antonio ;)
Next year I am looking forward to Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium.
It should be even better than Ibiza, though!
how much money did u spent? must've been a lot, since u've been to all of these crazy clubs
Honestly, I paid 4100 PLN (around 1000 € ) for the flight, hotel (Barcelo Pueblo Ibiza - ***) with all inclusive (was really nice), all the insurances, transfers from/to hotel - 2 weeks. I've spent, being already there, around 1000 €, so in total ~ 2000 €. It was worth spending such an amount of money. Would like to spent that in the next year. The prizes for the clubs (Privilege, Pacha, Ushuaia) - 50 €, for the Pukka Boat Party + entrance to Amnesia - 65 €. Prizes all around the Ibiza are really basic. Normally, in the shops prizes are really good, but in clubs of course (those 5 the biggest) you need to spend much, so that I was not spending a lot of money during the party. (10 € for water, 14 € for the small beer). I'd like to save around 2500 € for the next year, eventhough 2000 € , were really enough for me.
lol polaks are going to ibiza, you cant even buy a normal drink in poland why you should go to ibiza haha
describe 'normal' D:
A beer in Ibiza costs as much as a car in poland
Went in 2011 was good expensive as fuck though
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