Breaking Bad *SPOILERS*

The latest episode's ending was pretty fucking intense. Of course it was rather predictable to see Todd & co showing up for the stand-off but man...

How do you guys think it's gonna go down from here on out? Will Gomie & Hank be shot, leaving Walt with no other option than to go on the run (like seen briefly in the earlier episode)? Will they negotiate their way out of it, though I think that it's very unlikely :P

To the people who haven't yet picked up Breaking Bad - you most certainly SHOULD. First two seasons may feel a little slow but it's a guaranteed uphill from then on.

PS. Fifth journal in nearly 8 years should tell you that the series is worth your time.
My guess is that Walt will continue to try to stop Todd & co and will succeed in doing so, but Gomez will still end up getting shot and dying. It seems logical to kill him off since he is the only DEA agent other than Hank who knows about Walt.
But if they kill Gomez and leave Hank alive there's no way he's not gonna take matters into his own hands let alone abandon the investigation. I just feel like they are both going to die, Pinkman manages to escape... or not but either way they're gonna fuck up covering the mess they've created. And if this happens Marie's gonna go to the cops straight away and launch a nation wide warrant or something. Okay I'm done speculating :P
Yeah, I guess either Hank or Jesse has to escape in order to keep the "investigation" going, but I think Gomez will die for sure. Just remembered Hank telling Marie over the phone that he "won't be home for a while" or something. Could be a bit of a hint that he's done for! :P
Hank and Gomez will die, Walter will walk away like a boss.
I hope Hank doesn't die because he is awesome. Him being one the main characters of the season makes me forget the fact that I deeply miss the beginning of the serie and the first cookings. It felt so innocent and quite funny at that time.
I want Heisenberg back to cooking
gomie and hank die possibly, the guys kidnap jesse to cook for them, walt tries to free jesse, which is why you see him buying the m60

hank and gomie dies, jesse escapes -- walt walks
what koop said
A little slow? The first one and a half seasons are the best part of the series.
Based on what I've heard and read, the majority disagree with you but naturally I could be wrong. But really I do disagree with you. There were times when I felt the episodes were dull during s01&02.
I liked it more when it was still a bit realistic and they were just bumbling wannabee drug dealers. The second half of season two it went off the rails and didn't really come together again until the end of season four. It's a bit too dramatic of a finale for me so far and Walt should've killed of Jesse ages ago, but at least they're actually ending the series instead of letting it slowly rot away until it's cancelled.
It wouldn't have gotten this far had their operation stayed as small time drug dealers :P Sure it's been unrealistic at times but hey that's just basic television!
Hank and Gomez die.
Todd dies =>relationship with walter was important to use 'uncle Jack'
Uncle Jack lets walt go coz he's a man of his word (after walt has done his final cook). But, as koop said, they keep Jesse to cook.

Marie goes crazy after hearing the news of Hank => 20 minutes of bullshit guaranteed (crying and slapping between marie and skyler), Walter JR walks in and discovers it all. He doesn't really care, just keeps talking weird.
I laughed in real life reading:
QuoteMarie goes crazy after hearing the news of Hank => 20 minutes of bullshit guaranteed (crying and slapping between marie and skyler)

Thats sooooo her style :'D
indeed, almost had it and i still was amazed :D
Todd got cookzoned lolol
I am not sure. But i am hoping that Todd gets shot and dies, Walt gets shot and survives and manages his way back to DEA/home.
Jessie might survive. but being a hostage for a while...
S1/S2 were better than the later seasons imo. More humor and the characters were more likeable, obviously I understand the character development and yaddayadda, but Walter seems such a dickhead now :<
true, but its cool to see walter embracing his heisenberg badass persona as he starts doing things he normally wouldnt do. like this scene
I don't know if I've downloaded some shit versions of the episodes, but I never saw Hank telling Gomez about Walt. Hank told Gomez to pull the guys off Jesse, and after that the next time we see Gomez is in Hank's apartment, listening to Jesse's story. If THAT was his first time hearing about Walt, his reaction sure as hell was dull and they should kill that character.

My speculations of what is going to happen:
Hank dies/get's paralyzed, Gomez lives to prove Walt is Heisenberg, which makes Walt publish his little movie. Pinkman avoids death by cooking for Uncle Jack, as Walt is fleeing. Todd get's suspicious why the shootout happened in the desert, and starts pressuring Jesse and will finally find the money and steal it. Walt is fleeing, torn apart from his family and left without money, and he'll start hunting Todd for his money and possibly to free Jesse from cooking.

How the whole series is going to end:
Jesse and Walt in western type of standout, Walt gets seizure and Jesse shoots him. Cops arrest Jesse and blame him for everything, which makes him happy as he can finally repent for their actions.
Too much shit for 3 episodes.
Not, season ends in Walt finding Todd.
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