Football gifs

Yo, how's weekend goin? I gotta football match @ the evening. Most likely it's going to be a close match but I hope we'll win: P Anyway, I'm searching for a football gifs from a famous / not so famous actions during a football match. Can be smth funny, can be a goal, can be a coach's celebration etc. Post a link. Here's mine:

image: cheeky_grafite_goal-85548
image: arsen

image: a095b62ba601cdf2e9b5ff3d0e9c8069_biscuitsshakey

any random dive from barca.
omfg the 1st one..xD loled hard
neymar succesfully learning at barca

image: ibjjxORMIE4Qjj

image: 24xW7sD]/hide]
Wist dat ze een keer gingen komen xD

image: tumblr_lx8nd3Bkqx1qje8kqo1_250
:DD Didn't have that one, thanks :)

non related, but always classic. ( 56 sec )
More luck than skill
He doesnt have 100% control of the ball at any moment

I rather watch Ibracadabra
image: 1329500871_zlatan_ibrahimovic_amazing_goal_for_ajax
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