Braundorf - CoD4 Remake

just wanted to tell you that there is coming a remake of braundorf to cod4 in the near future.

WIP - textures and lights are not final ... this videos just shows the brushwork ;)
should've remade a good map instead :P
like supply
<ipod> dude don't tell anyone, but tbh I only like to play supply all day
*SpeedyBozar likes this shit*
Not gonna work on CoD4.
No Deli . No Win
dead map from dead game to dead game. good idea

braundorf without leans sounds interesting though
et without leans sounds much better or at least leans where u can see small part of the head
leans bestest, you know nothing samraj snow
best for guys who cant shot just camp
or good for riflers
uninstall the game and delete your acc from this forum then. no point wasting your time in this dead game
He is one of these (faggots, morons, douchebags and rest of happy retarded friends) who need to spread their shit around.
waiting for extraction
You don't have to be a member here to wait for extraction. Join their facebook page, and leave this site , please.
can't do it, my fans obviously need me
nice work tho
you are alive? we need another update for library ;D
come TS and give me your ideas for library_final ;)
nice, always liked that map
somehow it reminds me of doom lol
lol. I started to make a braundrof remake in cod4 like half a year ago. lost motivation didnt finished it.
and btw you have to modify the stairs. make the stephight smaller so u wont make drop noise.

and dunno if u knew but u can just copy and paste the map from the q3radiant in cod4 radiant and scale it with a factor of 0.75. just needs retexturing then and adding some of the missing assets
i already tried to copy the brushes from gtk radiant to cod4 radiant but it didnt work.
its a bit tricky but it works. i managed to do it. what also works is just modifing the .map file with an editor to delete all the invalid stuff for the cod4 radiant. and open it in cod4radiant then.

you need to add all the lightning and other small stuff again. but brushes will stay. and btw u need to scale by 0.75 else it will look huge in cod4
yea, the brushes worked. and i know that the et-entities dont work in cod^^

but as i tried to compile the cod-map i got an error. i dont know which one anymore ...

idc, i'll map it brush by brush, with much love ;)
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