CS:GO server

Hi guys!

We're a team full of new talents that just started our CS:GO adventure. We're enjoying the game a lot and I'm planning on maybe buying a private server which we will use for scrims and overall just practice(nades, tricks, positions and so on).

Any of you guys bought a server? What is the cheapest site for that? And where do you search scrims in this game? Is there a mIRC channel for that? How does it work? We know we could just play MM but scrims against some lower skilled teams would be fun as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed the weekend :-)
play vs bsturz :S
im playing with 4 swedes so we already won :D
fucking swedes dominating the game :<
thats true man :/
ckras EPS server :) but it costs 30+ € per/m .. maybr try to find a org .. better for u :)

gl hf !

time to start ET CSGO CUP :)
thanks dude! yeah a ET CSO CUP sounds really good!
what about lol team :>
what about bf4 team :>
what about Starcraft2 HOTS team :>
what about kanyezone.com team?
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