extraction keys

So because of Christmas SplashDamage/Nexon decided to give a lot of the current beta players extra keys!

I've got six keys available and no friends... So come #gmen if you want to persuade me to give you one come there :X
Wasn't going to give you one anyway! >:|
punky: i dont like that game

I can look into the future
you still have extraction key ? :< :d
I've got six keys available and no friends...

Cool, didn't even notice that i also received 3 keys :) thanks for the info!

btw: extraction isnt that bad, like everyone said. Right now in the closed beta the game still needs some fixes. right. luckyly the admins listen to your suggestions in the forums and they try to make this game as good as possible. this is the chance of the community to make a game the way they want, but unfortunately there are still some retards who complain way too early.

I am not allowed to give you any informations about the game, but you should really give it a try. It is no enemy territory copy and i dont think it will ever surpass our beloved game, but it could be still fun to play.
Already gave my friends my keys. sorry no more left
avi to use one!
already got one, but this game really needs more uptade... hope the final version will be better
Hey, I could use one:) If you're willing to give it just PM me.
avi to use !
got 3 keys same way, pm if u want
Give me 1 please <3
lemme try dat shit bruv pls marseille lost to mgladbach i need consolation present
Pm me if you can spare a key, thank you
U can pm me if u want to gimme one :)
PM me a key if you have a spare one. I would like to play this together with m4rk :<
ppl still on irc ?
I could use one as well. :)
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