Bowler saving ET

Just making this journal to give credit to bowler, he is currently saving ET from inactivity.

He organizes 3o3 on ETTV so he can nerd all night long watching some shitty games on gtv with players such as supna, kazim, didi...

Also, i'd like to know why there is still some people looking for 3o3 offi since CB is dead ? And why are they adding the CB logo on their gtv matches ?

good night !

stop refreshing your journal and go to sleep
[00:36] <kaZIM> vous etes serieu ou? you are serious where ?
[00:36] <kaZIM> moi jvous emmerde si on veu jouer des offi i you shit if we want play some offi
[00:37] <kaZIM> pk t arrete pas ET why you don't stop ET
[00:37] <kaZIM> ya pu de anti cheat? there is no anti cheat
[00:37] <kaZIM> arrete de jouer stop to play
[00:37] <kaZIM> voila
[00:37] <kaZIM> avec votre ego de merde with your ego of shit
traduction de fou jau :D
i'm glad someone noticed the effort i put into it !
jconnais pas ce mec mais il a l'air drôle
The 3on3 CB league is there just temporary, we will most likely run it until around 1-10th January and then come up with some new addition instead of it. The logos are being added just as a part of the games that are still under "CB" 3on3 ladder system, to make it look a bit less "empty" on the info page.

There's nothing wrong for looking 3on3 offi, which later is added under 3on3 ladder, we will notify users on any changes that will be done after new year concering changing ladder name.
im still drinking since week, meet whole family and old friends but u still trying to revive a dead game since 2009 xDDDDDDd cant stop laughnigng kruwa
wow you have been drinking for a week? u must be a fuckin awesome guy can i meet you irl?
come to wroclaw and i will show you how to drink vodka
Come to Paris, i'll show you how to drink whiskey
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u stopped playing?
No ja pierdole co gosc rece opadaja.
u rly think that when u r drinking alc non stop, u r cool?

we r calling those people here "hartz4 penner" or "assis"

never go full retard
why are u guys wasting ur time for replying to retarded troll? it's like talking to Kamz
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