chivalry: medieval warfare anyone?

For those who don't know it: It's a middleage first person fight game where you can slam your opponent's head with swords, knives, spears, slings, crossbows, bows etc while doing missions similar to ET's stopwatch. A lot of fun, hardly any bugs at all, a small non profit oriented development team etc

It's currently on steam sale for 5,74€

If you would like to play it with me feel free to add me on steam: wiesel1995 or drop me a pm!

cool game indeed. but only fun for a couple of hours
well, it's not too much fun for everyday's nerding, but when playing it once every 1-2 weeks and you work togheter decently and troll a little it's truly epic
how many ppl can there be in one map? it looks like there is always just 6on6 or maybe 10v10 at max...i want some freaking 50vs50 or smthng, is this possible?
I think 64 and 128 are the maximums eventhough 64 is enough really and that's what most servers are maxed to
okay sounds really nice...are there actually that many players on the servers tho? or is the game rather inactive?
it's really active, a lot of official servers as well
Have it and dont like it:/

nice idea but simply not fun to play for me:(
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