Weird but serious shiet here

Since ipod seems to have died in a horrible carfire for the 17th time this month, ill do dis shit.

Who in your opinion has the weirdest aim, actions etcetc, u ever seen?
by weird i mean amazing but weird
without bot if possible

inb4 haxor haxor haxor et is dead lol lol lol lol everybody hax xDdxdxxdDD
hsTe had some strange high/low sensitivity, that made him switch in a split of second and track like a pro
haxor haxor haxor et is dead lol lol lol lol everybody hax xDdxdxxdDD
Steen "ViKO" Sensa1
me with hax ofc
nips and toni
i think trmp is cheating
Azur ofcourse hehehee
Quoteby weird i mean amazing but weird
Well at least i'm amazing
dat 20 acc still makes me wonder nowadays :$
20 acc on a good day :$
dunno idc but i suspect my friend United Kingdomnismo to use external programs coz he went retired when slac/tzac/uac got out and now that all dat shit is away he comes back to kick asses very suspicious :sss
I just fucking roll bitch, suck it
zaklataarn had some weird aim
but he got busted :X
rELOAD's aim is so fucked up and amazing at the same time, it's like he's throwing his mouse all over the place and in the right moment he pings straight back into position at the right moments
Weird but srs are deez 24/7 trickjump.faggot's, relaxin and fag'zn in main-chat n stuffs*

ahahaha xD i love you guys!1
This guy beats any polak when it comes to warping.
fall down from stairs on supply twice in a row, to die on your own nade... biggest fail in ET EVER?
NO I can fail more than that by killing a teammate with the nade. Been there done that
Swanidius would like a word
oh god...
I miss these times :D
without a dobut, phyzic, getting headache whenever i spec him :D
When he gets in a really busy situation and just starts spinning shooting hs everywhere = :o
reload's aim was really weird, but awesome, also his movement and gamesense was so great.
phyzic's aim is really weird also.
tekoa shooting better with pistol than with smg.
crono but that's because hes fucking french
reload all shakey and shit
ensam and his headshots while he was aiming on the balls or completely somewhere else
rELOAD, it's like the guy lives in more dimensions than us.
Anderson or owzo (on his day)
60hz shit lcd + extreme high mouseaccel can make your aim like this:
..or you can watch any of my demos and see whats it really like.
Kaiz had the weirdest aim I've ever seen. Was an awesome guy!
fatcat weirdest aim ive ever seen. he was using sleeping pills and still praccing with us every night :D imagine dat aim
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