Kenzi & Katie from Pornhub

Apparently, reddit has some sort of "secret santa" program every year during which random people on the internet buy Christmas presents for other random people on the internet:

Our very own Belgium Kenzi actually participated in this year's gift exchange and, as luck would have it, ended up being matched with a user named Katie_Pornhub:

She is the "Community Coordinator" at the largest porn website in the world, Pornhub. Kenzi sent her candy, beer, two types of coffee, and a mug:

Katie has been running an AMA for the "Pornhub team" on reddit for the past hour or so:

tldr: Kenzi sent gifts to a girl named Katie who works for Pornhub.

image: hAwIwPqimage: lvC96CJ
Okay keep us informed.
She is missing the mug.
I repeat, she is missing the mug.
I was expecting he got her flashlight to be honest :D but gg wp Goku
Road to fame :
1/date her
2/fuck her
3/post on her website
4/i remove snatix' cf crown, we have a new king
5/ profit

"Passionate traveler, retired gamer."
you are my hero goku :3
i guess we all know why she is just community coordinator
if kenzi grew a dirty moustache he would look like an 80's porn actor fo sho.
truee :DD
What the fuck do 80's porn actors look like?
she's so ugly omg
Goku isnt rly handsome too
I ask you to retract that statement
image: 1392071_10152275352128294_1704060933_n
no belt no handsomeness
JE SAIS ON ME L'A DIT!!!!!!!! :D
wow beau gosse
lol goku busted for being associated with pornhub :::XXXDDDDDD
there go your chances for being in politics one day, afro man :ddd
lol Kenzi pronhub premium member exposed
so what the fuck did Goku get?
satisfaction that coloured ppl from Congo still suffer while he's trading gifts with some white pronadmin chick

u mirin bro?
I was the match of someone else and I got a big travel book & toys for my cats :3
lel,that's kinda awesome,did she sent you anything back? like a used condom?
oh,dat comment above me,so you dont send each other stuff? you send to random and she sends to a random? that's crap.

image: mosherj1-1346595778
Pornhub is over for me, been comfortable with xhamster nowadays.
I wonder what kenzi got from pornhub
that's some next level stalking bro
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