CG EU ET: Week 1 Summary

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One week has gone by since CG EU Enemy Territory was officially launched, and since then there has been a very noticeable increase in activity. I decided to put together a short summary of some of the statistics from the first week of ET on CyberGamer EU. My hope is that you all will not only find it as interesting as I did but also realize that there is still life in our game and community, despite what some may say. Enjoy!


Total forum threads: 4
Total forum posts: 39

Total 6on6 teams: 48
Total 3on3 teams: 91

Total ladder matches played: 145

CG EU ET 6on6 Ladder

Total teams in ladder: 35
Total teams with at least 6 players: 16
Total teams with at least 1 match played: 7

Total matches played: 7

Team with most matches played: United Kingdom TEAMKEEN (4 matches)

Most popular map: supply (4 matches)
Most popular day to play: Friday (3 matches)


Netherlands HappySixFriends (3-0)
Europe (2-0)
France PHARAONS (1-1)

CG EU ET 3on3 Ladder

Total teams in ladder: 84
Total teams with at least 3 players: 72
Total teams with at least 1 match played: 57

Total matches played: 138

Team with most matches played: Finland outwit (16 matches)

Most popular map: adlernest (38 matches)
Most popular day to play: Sunday (34 matches)


Romania 30 Seconds to Mars (13-0)
Europe (9-0)
Finland outwit (10-6)

All statistics are accurate as of Monday the 13th of January at 2:30 CET.

CyberGamer EU: A New Home for ET

still, good to see ET is "alive"!
There is too much sarcasm and irony in this comment for me to handle! :D
not even... :s
ET alive! Can you make same statistics, but exclude games that had someone who normally would be banned?
No, but feel free to do it yourself if you'd like.
Just 138 games to check, seems like an easy task! Were they all played on GTV? :D
Well that sucks.
Why do you even fucking post?
The more important question is why do you?
Teamkeen wtf lol
good shizzle brother
only ac missing
Total Forum Posts

i could register and make cg most popular website ever :o)

the poast maistro has spoon.
Well done on the amount of effort you are making ohurcool, just hope that you wont give up doing it
nice life ohurbusy
Well I'll be damned, ohuradmin actually banned a cheater and did it quite fast. Gotta say I'm impressed.
link to all ban$
pharaons going
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