FPS problems with AMD GPU? Read this!

The new AMD drivers are bad for older OpenGL games. With my HD7950 i had only 25fps.

Download and unpack and copy the .dll in the directory where the .exe is, it's the opengl driver from catalyst 13.9 that works properly with older games.

This counts for all older opengl games, not just ET.
crashing et for me :))
Yes it will crash with legacy drivers.
Nice that you shared that fix , im sure i wasnt the only one with that prob
where can i find the .exe folder? or u mean ET.exe? =D
Are you serious?

Just copy where's ET.exe located...
ah oke. i tought somewhere in the amd folders.
or you could just put:

seta r_primitives "2" in your config and save alot of effort.
Didn't test that but if it works nice! For me there file is easier no need to look at config files. And if you change cfg it will keep working.
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