NBS Power

How does it work? Some admin/admins getting raped in 6o6 and for now on i can't join into NBS because i'm fucking "cheater"?

Well done staff!
it aint nbs its just a random nerd who's faking nbs to get ppl on it
Who said that you're a cheater? 0o
this guy from infrag kicking me all the time from nbs right now
hhaha ale puaczek!
NBS sucks since there is some admins who kicked ppl for nothing , gg.
bobika its fucking nerd and kicked ppl... NBS is died!!!
it aint nbs its just a random nerd who's faking nbs to get ppl on it !

Why bobika ?
coz u r the admin ! why faking NBS ?
still can remember that bobika kicked clean player like fanatic but not the obv botters :) his excuse was "I dont like fanatic" I just say best admin alive

never again i gona join this shit server

da fuq
retarded admins
playing public, ever
bobika doesn't kick me.
Good serv. Good admin.
You must be the only person he can kill.
haha that infrag dude is retarded :D he keeps kicking randoms out for "cheating" but they all suck more than me so i rly doubt they cheat and then he kicked me cuz i flamed him for that xDD
Since when is it here a place for complaining Cheaters and retarded dumpfucks? They have a focking supportforum for retards like you. NBS FTW! Bobika btw nice JOB, kick those retards without warning pls
Getting kicked as well by Klobby.
I do not know why you are was kicked ,

First of all players complain so are kicked for no reason. ---- Use your original nick so all admins will know who are you.

Next thing is so no always we are kick players for cheating. But if someone have ping 999, or is afk is kicked.
For your info i was the player ":bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb" in red :)! Obvious cheater indeed.
Use please your nick and you will not kicked.

If I kicked you for cheating and you are do not use any cheats then my bad. Sorry.
image: Yoda_SWSB
read just i did wtf
What does "use your nick" even means? You are fucking dumb. If someone is cheating, what difference does that make if he wear his nick or not? Cheater: kick. Clean: don't kick. You are pathetic.
i never been kicked thx ggwp
Im banned on this server and dont know why.
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