Sochi Olympics?

2nd time ever I watch -WINTER- Olympics. Summer Olympics > Winter Olympics ! :)
I find most of the sports rlly cool and intriguing , even fascinating considering I havent practiced most of them (no snow in my country lolz) . Hopefully that will get sorted out by the end of this year, HOWEVER there is this one -sport- that caught my attention in particular. Until yesterday , I had never seen or even heard of this sport, so I was really pumped about it , another new exciting winter sport I guess? >>
Well I guessed wrong.
Its called curling (wtf right?)
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image: curling

So..... ehmmmmmm ?? I cant fucking stop laughin at this shit seriously, so its 1 dude throws a big ice rock and 2 dudes have brooms and sweep its way to the middle of a giants blue circle? Hahahahahhaha How is this shit even a sport or an OLYMPIC sport? So, I tried to keep my shit togheter and kept watching it but omg these guys sweeping with their bowling shoes on ice and screaming random shit BROOOM BROOOM it was just impossible for me not to laugh.It also made me think a lot about that olympic orgy they have after the games, most of the winter sports are actual sports performed by athletes (those nice perfect athletes titis legs ass n everything) and then you have the "group" of ugly as hell , some even fat -curling- players standing there like: "Hi , hehehe we here for the sex too, can we have some too?!!

i am wondering, is this the "sport" that people in europe end up doing once they failed at everything else?
Well in reality that sport is really hard and you need some serious skill to be good at it, but indeed it's horrible and laughable to watch :D
Ski jumping dude, polish pride (at least we have one :XD)
icehockey or die
Curling was invented in medieval Scotland, with the first written reference to a contest using stones on ice coming from the records of Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire, in February 1541.

Curling > Colombia
Colombia = shakira + weed + coffee, good to have so much to brag about.
flawless arguments
yall motherfuckers need to hurry hard
Ye its like skijumping or basic defenceman at icehockey or skating or skiing some other noskill sport that you end up playing after failing to reach something else. Like seriously, skijumping, u just come down from tower and jump and land, gg, shit is easy. Or skating, lol just skate. Skiing, well yes u need to use both hands and legs to do that, like bicycling. Might be hard for someone. Or defenceman at icehockey, lol just pump iron at gym and go in front of your goal and clean all rebound bucks and hit all enemy players if they are dumb enought to come close.

No, seriously, curling is hard. First of all, launching that 20,000e rock perfectly smooth with right swirl, guiding the rock with those 'brooms' while communicating with captain(who sees overall situation better) how to guide the rock. Plus different throws, blocks, points etc, its also heavily tactical sport.

Same as saying ET is what people end up playing after failing at CoD and BF and other world elite class supergames. At ET u just shoot people and do some objectives. Well, thats 2 different things, might be hard for someone.

come on.... I knew I would hurt some curling feelings but lol @2nd parragraph, seriously a "heavily tactical sport" are card games and chess....and... but curling seems fun to get drunk and do it maybe for 10 minutes and then go make some real sport.
I dont even want to argue this, this is probably a fun game to play for some ppl and I get it but it is not a sport and it is a joke to see this sort of games still being considered for the Olympics while there are a ton of real sports out there that could fill in instead.

I also looked up a bit on google and it seems like everybody makes fun of curling everytime theres Olympics anyways, the moment I saw this game and started laughing I knew I wasnt alone.
Here are some of my fav websites I found about curling , more like people making fun of curling and I just cant stop laughin and it resembles what I think about this. hf!
ei torm u got any replays of that to watch? :D
not really dude ahahh I watched them on TV but here is some decent parody lol
xdd HAAARD HAAARD HAAARD this is comedy hahaha
this one was also fun to watch
hah gotta laugh my ass off at the shouts.
I think she likes it hard
It was a funny journal until you mentioned orgies with senseless argument... I mean wtf you trying to say lol
not rlly sure tbh, general bashing
Best Winter Olympics for Poland in the history. 4 x so as much as Canada and still got at least one chance for gold and 3 for other medals. And we are above France Austria Sweden Finland in medal table :D

too bad we failed team ski jumping yesterday and Kowalczyk was 6th in first competition :/
u must feel proud to be above french nation i mean its pretty clear we've always been #1 in winter og
well you've always been much higher than Poland :S winning ~10 medals. We got won 14 medals in all winter olympics :S
It is like Chess or any other tactical game which actually needs some physical effort in top of that. There are quite a few Olympic sports that are less challenging than curling.
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