ETPro Public Servers

Here is a list of some active ETPro public servers:


image: et

[!!!]Hirntot, 6 Map

image: et

[!!!]Hirnlos, 10 Map

image: et

AlterNBS #1 | Public ETPro

image: et


image: et

If an active server is missing, please feel free to leave a comment below with the server information.

How to Play ET in 2016

[old thread:]
Hirnlos' server monitor isn't showing :)
Yeh because the server itself is down, which results in monitor not showing as well, i though i would let it pass some weeks before removing it, since it might come back online at some point.
I just came back from playing there, server is up and running.
Yeh i can see, it was down before and now apparently trackbase doesnt show it anymore.
wow lol just go here for server list ;) // TWA WAR STYLE SERVER
do i need tzakK?
TZAC's dead, no anticheat for public servers atm.

Quarkclan's ETPro public server. Its quite new server, so prolly not really active yet, but worth to give a shot.
they pretty much all appear in ET's default server browser, no?:)
These and bunch on other mods servers with mostly bots playing.. :D
can you guys add quarkclan's server in pls.
It's active daily nowadays.
Name: Q|ETPro [3.2.6]
good admins @ nbs
no bio no ET
no SwedenEfterlyst no ET
yes uDU Battlegrounds!
uDU Phantom > all
no AJOJAHTI no nothing. rip #et-finland

8 hours and 22min till first "eka"
playing with lags against op players, best pub ever
Holy shit I just tried to play this game after several years of inactivity. Nope, got bombarded with some shit mods and .paks. Couldn't connect to a single server from the above list, always some kind of problem pops out or I'm required to have some bullshit .pak. I wasn't expecting ET to be this dead.

I recently felt nostalgic about shooters and decided to see how the various games are doing. CS:GO and TF2 are obviously super accessible. But so is Quake Live, and even Urban Terror is doing a good job at getting you into the game quickly and painlessly. Enemy Territory is the one game I would like to play the most again, but it's so painful to get it running, that it's just not worth it...

ET:Legacy solves some of the issues with the outdated engine, but not being compatible with ETPro (and providing no alternative) is a big bummer of course. Perhaps ET Live is trying to do what Quake Live does, but they are not doing a great job at explaining what it's all about, or how they expect to realistically make it happen.

It's such a shame, because ET still holds up very favourably to contemporary FPS. I really hope we'll see a revival one day. It won't require improved graphics, just a modern infrastructure (matchmaking, anti-cheat) and accessibility (one-step install, no fragmentation, raw input, simple widescreen setup, etc).
There is nothing wrong with ET or the servers. You need to download PB:
I did, there are a lot more problems. From compatibility issues, over configs being reset, to servers messing up the game with tons of downloads. Not to mention that most "active" servers are in fact only populated by disguised bots, which makes it rather hard to find actual players through the server browser. There is a ton of fragmentation with the various "fun" mods and just getting the game to run smoothly with a decent config and no mouse acceleration requires a lot of fiddling.

I've spent far more time fiddling with ET setup now than I've spent with all the other games I mentioned _combined_, yet it's the only game of the bunch where I haven't been successful in playing even one proper game yet (other than against a bunch of bots with one or two actual players). You can't tell me there's nothing wrong with that. Even if I persist and get everything to run smoothly again, I know that the average gamer just isn't going to put up with that.

Something needs to happen, ET at its best is too much fun to let its legacy die like this. If CS, TF, Q3 and UrT deserve to live on, then so does ET.

What I am mostly wondering about is whether the best approach is to fix ET with a community project, or to create a new game that tries to replicate its spirit within a modern framework.
So put a decent config together, find a server without bots, and deal with the fact that some servers are going to force you to download things before joining. These are not new "issues" that have only recently emerged, just mild annoyances which have existed ever since ET's original developers and supporting organizations dropped support for it.
ETLive is meant to solve exactly these kinds of problems - accessibility, ease of use, outdated engine (thanks to ET:Legacy devs). The game architecture will make it more "live" - it is going to bring you closer to other players, help to discover servers that best fit your needs and so on. I personally hate the "pk3 bombarding" too - this is a problem for some of us that just want to get in-game and frag.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :).
is it actually in development? is it going to be released during the next year?
It sure is, check out for more info. It is hard to give an estimate on when will the beta launch but believe me we are doing our best to make it as soon as possible.
cool! really looking foward to it.
There is nothing wrong with ET or the servers. You need to download PB:
hi wsk friend :)))


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b (no updates needed after install)

Additional Setup options:
Install current PunkBuster Client Version: (v2.254 | A1382) Server Version: (v1.809 | A1382 C2.254)
Check if etkey is needed and download from
Install PunkBuster service installer (pbsvc.exe)
Install Enemy Territory Minimizer (WinXP/Vista/7)
Install Start Menü shortcuts for ET, PB, Minimizer & Help Files

BTW etpro servers don't support bots (ping=0)
Can you update this list plz??

Remove Nbs 1 & Nbs 2
Team Fractured -
will do in next couple of days
Could you add which servers are objective based? I find it boring when the objective is disabled. Deathmatch only works in Quake.
Most of the NBS type servers are purely set up for fragging, with 999 min timezone, then u have the standards which have the normal time limit, its hard to see, as it depends on the config type on the server, normally u can see it quickly if u join the server and test it out.
crookm8, hbc is objective only :)))
Mine has obj enabled
NBS #1 | Public ETPro NEW IP :
unban me on hbc ; (
they won't unban you, these days anyone who's a bit skilled is called a hacker.
Hardly true
Aniky, imo you should stick to jaymod
I'm thinking about renting few new etpro servers. Of course i won't allow random low hacks like Aniky play there
wat.. did you mean ohurcool? XD
tx anica... po dolgih letah z novim pcjem.. se slismo kej na chatu... gremo kako odigrat ;)
lah, prid kdaj na ce bom gor, pa bomo sli.
ok guys give me FFA without PB :/
whos supertimppa , fucking retard
HBC new rotation campaign

name "HBCrotate1"
1. braundorf_b4 2. supply 3. radar 4. et_ice 5. sw_oasis_b3 6. bremen_b2 7. karsiah_te2 8. adlernest_roof_b2 9. sp_delivery_te 10. breakout2_140

name "HBCrotate2"
1. braundorf_b4 2. battery 3. supply 4. caen 5. sw_oasis_b3 6. frostbite 7. adlernest_roof_b2 8. karsiah_te2 9. sp_delivery_te 10. baserace

name "HBCrotate3"
1. braundorf_b4 2. supply 3. radar 4. venice 5. sw_oasis_b3 6. adlernest_roof_b2 7. Warbell 8. karsiah_te2 9. sp_delivery_te 10. mlb_temple

name "HBCrotate4"
1. braundorf_b4 2. battery 3. supply 4. trooptrain_120 5. sw_oasis_b3 6. sp_delivery_te 7. eagles_2ways_b3 8. karsiah_te2 9. adlernest_roof_b2 10. goldendunk_a2

name "HBCrotate5"
1. sw_oasis_b3 2. supply 3. frostbite 4. braundorf_b4 5. et_ice 6. railgun 7. sp_delivery_te 8. tc_base 9. radar 10. fueldump

name "HBCrotate6"
1. trmfght_beta2 2. Warbell 3. glider_302 4. eagles_2ways_b3 5. saberpeak 6. mlb_daybreak 7. goldendunk_a2 8. __BRIDGES__ 9. baserace 10. purefrag

name "HBCrotate7"
1. braundorf_b4 2. supply 3. sw_oasis_b3 4. tankbuster_200 5. adlernest_roof_b2 6. bremen_b2 7. trmfght_beta2 8. sp_delivery_te 9. theriver2redux 10. Frostbite
{TE666} Clan Euro changed IP to
.LuG#Public ETPro


Need players :)
why do all these server contain shit maps....

any normal servers left with normal rotations who are not dead?`

We are using the official CyberGamer EU ET mappool. Don't know if that's normal rotation for you.
Well, atm server is empty. Has there been any activity or?
DoubleDutch Dragons Public Server

Server Slots: 24
Location: Netherlands Netherlands
AntiCheat: PunkBuster

image: 758585
always empty gg
Location: NJ, USA

Maps: Pretty much all popular stopwatch maps.
Configs: It has 3vs3, 6vs6, public configs, etc. Vote for it.

Anti cheat: Enabled (Cheating = 365 days ban for public cheats and permanent for private cheats)

image: 758502
awesome journal, just played my first round on public after 3+ years of no ET.

seems like average pub skill didnt change that much, might be playing some more this winter.

Lucky me that i still had my old ET folder incl configs saved on my ext. hdd :D and that i didnt need to download any tzac failure or other AC software (now just hoping pubs around flooded with hacks, but i guess not since the game has become less popular)

EDIT: Lol @ NBS server: I join and get insta vote kicked, seems community dont want players back...
Life is hard @ NBS
gonna kick some nerds in their asses
Ive just purchased a 20 slot server but need some help with setting up a decent maplist etc
image: de{TE666} Clan Euro changed IP to
pupulated only at evening but great comunity
Have all the good ones gone now ? Bio etc. sucks
NBS #1 | Public ETPro NEW IP :
{TE666} Clan Euro changed IP again to sry
pupulated only at evening but great comunity
gg aniky the legend
NBS #1 | Public ETPro NEW IP:

Dallas, TX, USA
PBBans streaming (requires pb folder/etkey)

Some settings may change in future, incl. maps.
Feedback would be helpful.
NSA is dead now, please remove NSA|BOX.

nice playing public again after 4 years x)
Hey! Come test my server! ist a 3on3 or 6on6 With official Global server configs!

if you need a map to be uploaded just ask me!

server ip : ( Fakkin easy )
Location : France( after 30aug wil be located in London )
Network : 100mbit til 30august ( After that it wil be 2.5gbit )
settings : PB:on Rate:30000 cl_maxpackets:150

til 30august the ref password : pwn
loooooooooooooooool go jaymod
Can you add my server?

ETPro, quite default settings, good for oldschoolers :)
add on there iNsAne.eSports Public
Hosts 6on6 Global Config Pure ETPro!
image: et
im new over here on the forum but i still play ET since 2000 :D If u know where i can join in please lets me knot it. Thanks a lot jeje (ASD/Burzum) from venezuela.
ET exists since 2003, so don't talk bullshit.
NO-RESTRICTIONZ (c) Jump to history
(imaFieldop.blogspot) [ ]
/ ---------------------------------
-added/updated 2k16 - serverPAK (30mb'ish)
-added votable .configs (5Lives, default, sv_pure 0)
-unlocked cg_thirdperson and various other protected cvars
-random 50_next_maps in rotation (./callvote NextMap)
also you can save/Load positions as per viewAngle like "etjump"
type /loadangles or /lva in console to enable this feature..
/////////// ----------------------------------------
Make sure to connect;cl_allowdownload 1
Hello Guys!

I�m proud to announce that we have a new etpro brazilian server!

Please connect to play with us!

We are searching for scrims! Please answer this topic if you have a clan or nation to play with the brazilian team...

Hope to see you soon at our server.

New server Et pro Poppy's Public (like Nbs)
HELLO friends!

The ETBR OldSchool etpro públic server IP has chances.
Please get our new IP:

Hope to see YOU playing there!

Please, follow us on Twitch

And YT channel ABS Facebook Groupon: ETBR OldSchool

Hello Guys!

Please admins, add to the server list the new IP, we needed to change the Hoster.



Fell free to join us!

Auf Wiedersehen
image: etpro


Current map rotation is:

Is that free for anyone to join?
If anyone still interested in joining a ETpro server, here it is:
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