DayZ or Rust

Should i buy Rust or dayZ?

I've played MineCraft for a long time so Rust would be the obvious choice here.
But DayZ looks really cool too...

Any1 played both games (or 1 of them?)

I've read that Rust is having some issues with hackers?

I wasn't interested a lot in either of them untill I heard good things about DayZ wanted it, friend bought it for me and I really like it. All I can say. No clue about Rust tho
Yup, dayz is the one! Even better if there a bunch of guys playing.
i would buy dayz if my pc wouldnt be that shit :D
but i gona buy a new laptop this weekend, so i will try this shit :)
Just get Csgo instead
don't feel like playing a FPS
Just get Csgo instead
Rust all the way (I have both games, DayZ standalone has too much bugs at the moment and Rust is just awesome for an Alpha and cheaper than DayZ)
DayZ. super lol :>
dayz if you have a monster pc, want it to be a bit more competitive, rust is a bit more casual or easier to get used to the controls, in both games everyone is a bandit basically so play it with friends or you're going to rage quit until you get used to surviving early and getting loot n shit, dayz = better graphics, more hardcore game, rust = simpler graphics a bit ET like, fun2play can build and destroy/raid building/bases, in dayz you cannot do this. Both games are PVP heavy, Rust is better if you have friends who want to build a base, Dayz is better if you're going to play as a lonewolf and wreck ppl solo go on random adventures and keep shit you find to yourself and set a tent somewhere random.
rust better but becomes too repetitive after a while. dayz still buggy for me at least
rust looks like its from 2004 lol
what a shitty graphics for 2014...
I played both and I prefer Rust so far. You can craft things like weapons and ur own house. Then once you have a good house you try to raid other's ppl house in team. It means there are some very intense moments because you can loose everything if you don't play well.
The two problems I got on Rust are:
- Admins abusing because they think your team cheat
-Cheaters destroying the game because anticheat is not that good atm since its a new game
dayz is still alpha ... it will get MUCH better after some time, but you have to wait like a year or so..

still waiting for vehicles to be added
ive only played rust from the two (you could try it out on cracked servers if you want, thats what i did)
but after running into some cheaters i stopped playing it (i believe both games have these problems since theyre both in alpha)
dayz idd!
if u want to play one of these games i pref dayZ standalone
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