How was your weekend?

Sup guys, how was your weekend? anyone back from teh culb ?

I got the job for summer and now finally waiting on title deciding game in Premier League!
image: Bk8rlB5CMAAjVoS
Why it will be start at 14:37?
Hillsborough 1989 where 96 Liverpool fans died
- the match ended after 6minutes + 1minute of silence.
okay, thanks

Liverpool will win!
short answer, CS:GO
went to fatburger and smoked a fat fucking cigar, what is life
god, I hope pool takes this
well played
Quote title deciding game in Premier League

It is/was far from the title deciding game of the season. Man C still have 2 games in hand on Liverpool and now they are 7 points behind.

It amazes me how that cheating, diving Suárez did not get a second yellow card for and sent off for his diving.

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