need le server

Hello, as NC is approaching, me and malfoy kinda want to get back into shape.
What we need for it is some private server to play some 1v1s with special settings - either hs only config or config with cheats allowed. Preferably both.
If you have such server and would be willing to give us ippw so we could play there from time to time, that would be like, superawesome!

Pmme here if you are so kind a person and I'll be grateful forever!
image: 8cdiV
Nice to see motivated players! can be a good NC :P
You know, losing is not an option :p
you should contact rezta ;p
no chance vs almighty olgaa
indeed, only praying not to get you in groupstage so we can meet in finals!
that wont help him.
how about you calm down and behave accordingly to your age. we get it, you don't think he is worth it.
that's your opinion, different from mine, I don't take it away from you. what you are trying to do is create flame or whatever. don't understand it. make peace, not war
honestly, I couldnt care less about how he plays :XD As far I remember, he was atleast always useful to team somehow, but everytime I did smth on crossfire, this bitchass shitface came up with some random flame bullshit. Talk now about age, peace.

And yeah, almost forgot! Everytime I wanted just talk with him normally and be friendly, always flame and tons of insulting.
let me use your own words - I couldn't care less. what you are doing here is being shitface yourself. I'm not saying you should like him or anything, all I am saying is, you don't have to spread random flame all around just because you are butthurt.
I am aware he is prone to flame himself, and I sometimes tell him to stop. I don't enjoy any useless flame whatsoever, whoever is there to be the initiator.
too tired for having an argument online, you win.
seriously? you deliberately spread flame and when someone oppose you, you just say "too tired for having an argument online"? come on, thought you can do better than that
remind me to continue on this tomorrow when the hangover will be gone, cheers ^.^
:D np green... i have this server...:-P
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