Whatever you do, do not get this game for PC. I've seen some shitty console ports the last decade, but Namco really takes the cake. If Resident Evil 6 wasn't laughable enough, this game just makes you want to inject black tar heroin into the tip of your cock.

For reference, the first menu I encountered asked me to press A/B or Y to confirm or cancel, or alternatively I could press the left analog stick for the jump menu (although I have to admit I don't even know what the jump menu is supposed to do). Additionally, you can't set the mouse sensitivity (apparently the "camera sensitivity" setting is only for controllers), so moving your mouse one centimeter makes you do a 3600 degree turn. There's even a separate Steam guide for "keyboard users" so you can figure out how to make it past the tutorial.

image: CD3BsTv
You can't tell me how to live my life.
Sit down and shut up.
Dude you earn maximum masochist points for even attempting a Dark Souls™ game with no gamepad.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against being able to use a controller on PC. I draw the line when they force me to use one though. Never mind the fact I have a PS3 and definitely don't feel like buying XBOX controllers for any reason whatsoever.
I tried playing it with mouse and keyboard, it was surprisingly smooth. Mouse "camera sensitivity" was pretty well-rounded for me, but that's probably because my windows mouse sensitivity being at retarded-low levels countered the very high in-game sensitivity. Will test it more later tonight.

Running 1.01 version.
Obviously it's smooth even at the highest settings, I've read the threads regarding the alpha downsampling tool and like any other game a lot of the rendering is simply sub-par to adhere to console restrictions.

Quote"Shift + Left Click" is used to interact with all objects
Becareful as "Shift + Right Click" or "E" is used to consume a life gem
"Enter" Confirm
"Backspace" Deny

QuoteBeat the cart on the right and loot the body and get the torch then go to the campfire on the left and press "Shift + N" and then it should switch from Rest at Bonfire to Light torch. Congratulations you have successfully lit your first torch and you are on your way to become a true warrior.

If "Shift + N" isn't working for you another alternative that works is "Control + Mouse Wheel Click".

Quoteanother alternative that works is "Control + Mouse Wheel Click".

Quote"Control + Mouse Wheel Click"

QuoteMouse Wheel Click

image: 200_s
Yep, spent like 30 minutes trying to wrap my head around that shit.

Got shift+left click for interact, control+wheel up for target, shift+right click for use item, you dont need the rest. So far so good, till I fucking fall of a ledge trying to mash the correct buttons.

image: i-have-no-idea-what-im-doing-dog

Only fell once so far trying to hit that hint tombstone, great success.

edit: brb gonna read some tea leaves in order to solve how to running jump. Anyway realised I had it bound at sprint + shift + wheel up.
while sprinting press f by default to jump
is there a way to change binds? like bind one key instead of 2
it's really annyoing
image: 8o1Op
There are several tabs when you hit the key bindings menu. First one is for mouse, and the others are for keyboard. You can more or less change whatever you want as long as there is no conflict (remember to hit the menu button and NOT escape if you are done in order to save your settings) you should be ok.

Unfortunately, there is a huge issue going on with click attack/double click strong attack where the game has trouble recognizing your input, making you do strong attacks 99% of the time which is quite bad if you wanna dodge shit. Also there is a huge input delay of like 1-2 seconds before you can start swinging.Fortunately, this should get fixed today.

It's just retarded that an amazing game like this is released with stupid flaws like keyboard and mouse input issues and horrible keybinding (left click for left weapon, really?).
Resident Evil 6 had exactly the same issues, they're just really awful ports (although the control schemes are pretty much retarded on consoles/controllers as well).
May have found a solution for the retarded inputs:


Also be sure to check the top comment.

edit: top comment works splendid along with target changing with mousewheel script, finally some proper Dark Souls™ II!
cheers will try

e: sweet baby jesus its working. its like DaS, same controls. awesome, ill suck yo cock man
u can use the ps3 controller dunno why u so mad D:
Already finished

Artificial difficulty to the max

Shittiest game of the year, 0/10

Also go two-hander for maximum fun
I had maximum fun uninstalling the game, 10/10.
I'm only here for Frop's gifs
ahahah absolutely brilliant :DDD
Rofl, i laughed way more than i should have
Well i guess/hopefully there will be an update for this game which fixes this problem (?)
is it different from the first one? i beaten it with k+m and no fixes. it was shit but playable
It's exactly the same as the first one without all the bugs at launch (so far), if you hated the controls and the need for a gamepad, stay the fuck away. Otherwise, the game is glorious.

edit: pc controls are excellent, much to my surprise. Also much smoother fps than the first one. Running 1.01 version.
im playing it right now, its fine to me.
I wonder if you tried the first one on PC :D and yes those singleplayer games which aint first person shooters are nearly always better for consoles
not entirely true :) i played alot of third person action games that were designed for pc and worked perfectly without having confusing controls.
Just take xbox360/ps3 controller and play, the game is much better like that. And it actually is really good.
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