Sup guys

It's a big day for a legendary ETPlayer. Now he's 23 but still working hard to become a professional CSGO player.

Happy birthday Netherlands Jelle aka DominickDecocco!

The whole skype crew wish you the best of luck. Hopefully we will see you at the next LAN in Copenhagen!

We also got you two presents:
image: nK0WIaN

image: uXFwtCA

Enjoy them!
NIGGAR ! We miss you <3 Have fun and get down with some bitchez! #LANUtrechtatJelle2014
I will carry you tomorrow at CS:GO <3 my present to u!
I need more Polish Eurovision .gifs so I don't need to hear the music.
can always watch in HD and use the Mute button?
cya at dreamhack
Jelle is helemaal niet jarig joh
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