Shoutcast tommorow u choose

Should we cast:
Estonia-Poland (vote F1)
sick6 -phase(vote F2)

F1, I heard dIZEL might play
Too bad these 2 games are on the same hour :D
f2 first sick6 vs phase and after that turbot vs phase, ty
cancel vote!
since you are with "we" you should splitscreen cast both of them.
That'll be some hectic commentary!

Edit: just watched the replay of today's cast and that was like the worst cast I have ever seen, shitload of wrong information, almost no overview over the situation at all (visual and audidble), bad camera work, sound problems, calling me an active player although the only active player on the lineup was laguna :,D
im casting and yjzz is streaming we try to work on it with cams and all but its hard because he cant know what i am going to say or watch. also instead of blaming me my friend (well i thought we were) some good comments such as u guys should work on camera work etcetc, would be better, we prefer good criticism over flaming. last but not least u r still the most active player after laguna, not saying u played yesterday or this week but i said regarding the names we saw more often this past month or 2 so thank you for ur critics be mad at someone else thank you. and tbh ur a cunt
dont listen tryhards, noone gives a fuck bout them anyway.
youre not inactive by all means
I have been playing a 3on3 like once every 2 to 3 weeks within the last 6 months or something and probably one 6on6 per month beside the NC stuff, do you guys seriously consider this as any active at all?
Whats your point? They're just doing the best for the community, they mean you're 1 of the 'activest' ones of team Austria ( yeyeye laguna is more active than you)
Just wondering what would you do to improve the camera work? More first person view or freecam? Also just tell me whats wrong with the audio I can try to fix it if someone would tell me what it is lol

Oh and about the overvie n stuff the fra - ger game got delayed n stuff rito just played an offi, overall just pretty messy. Imo you should watch the UK - NED vod a lot better.
Developing some gamesense and having the camera at the proper place to appropriate times would do wonders. Also abstain from analytical statements, or any, for that matter. If you want to be taken seriously work on your pronunciation and try to become more eloquent, or at the very least, don't do it in English until you learn to express yourself without stuttering and tripping over every second word.
Are you talking about me or rito with the stuttering? Just watch (check around 25:00 mins) is way better. As I said problem was everything was a little rushed. Also most of the tactical "statements" were not to be taken seriously for the AUT - US stream it was more or less for our own entertainment and to test out our setup.

I was wondering though could you give me any advice on how to get to the action quickly. I think my gamesense is good enough after playing 6 years of ET but my problem is I don't get to the player/position I want fast enough (for example I see PlayerA sneaking upstairs on supply but I first have to click through PlayerB C and D to get to his POV) and freecaming in close quarters is almost impossible because you have to press sneak to get through most doorframes and you mess up the scene anyway.

Only stream of yours I ever watched was yesterday's GER vs FR, and that.. only for about 5minutes before I decided to do something else instead.

Timing, really. How long does it take allies to get from A to B, who of axis plays B? is C however a bigger push than B? Switch to player at C, etc. It's really not hard to incorporate, quite basic even. Most importantly know your players, and teams. If you know a certain person plays aggressively more so than passively, try to estimate when about he'd be facing an opponent or multiple. Which, again, leads us back to timing. Also command map may just be your best friend. Glancing at it for a few seconds once in a while wont hurt anyone, ever.

Bind x /follow 1
bind y /follow 2

it's not rocket science.
Hey man thanks, no need to be so smug about everything bru lighten up
Write playername - slot down on a paper and bind /follow number to F1-F12; saves you ages
get reload back, stream f1
razz died after fight with his toilet paper dispenser, rip had to stream other match
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