Spoilers: Game of Thrones S04E08

Well, ffs Oberyn... Hubris is a bitch.

image: tumblr_m5dh3bFa9Q1rqz8qx

In other news, Sansa looking fiiiine, Littlefinger was about to bust a nut.
dat arya laugh thou
scary as fuck what a freak!
ahahaha stylll
Shitting hell. What an episode.
Awesome death! Arya's laugh would've fit there.
The fight was fine, however this is who i always pictured gregor clegane as:
image: Gregor+Clegane+1

Its kinda funny how they stretched it out in the show. In the books his trial and the combat all happen in one chapter.
If all of that happened in episode 8 then wtf will happen in the next one since it's the 9th episode :O
prolly castle black vs wildlings and/or balon greyjoy dying from dick leech magic
first american i know that watches GoT !!!
its impossible not to watch! especially when everything gets spoiled exactly the day after it airs :<
Im fucking shocked and mindblowned
I nearly became sick after watching that scene, did read the books though

But oh well, maybe it just reflects my sweet and gentle soul
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