hello friendz

(and non-friendz)

thinking about trying this shit again, what do i need?





With ClanBase and ESL no longer around, nowadays CyberGamer EU supports ET with cups and ladders and an anticheat called CGAC, but it only works in official matches.

so no public anticheat?

is pb still on other mods?
There is no official anticheat for public servers, but PB is still used on a lot of them, along with a few other methods of detecting cheats. Some mods have their own built-in anticheat - N!tmod and silEnT, for example.
kk cheers, is all i need to play basically in the ET download folder
Yeah, you should be pretty much good to go if you download ET from the above link, though you may have to also download PB and an etkey here. Not entirely sure since I don't really play on public servers myself.
Yeah been thinking that too.
hellooo ::)
hey harris photosynthesis is still playing et with 14year old dutch player kapot because he is a child molester
yo harris you nerd
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