fastest official times per map?

what are the fastest times set (3v3 & 6v6) in the competition maps (in officials ofc)?

me fumble & owzo set 3:16 on goldrush in this game, never really thought about whether it was a record or not

what are your fastest times in offis? afk opponents don't count! or if they're missing players on the team.
Think nsd has made some records @beach :xd
ah, should've mentioned 2v2 as well!
0:57 on Adlernest
0:56 on Adlernest
again with owzo we've set ~/+45s on frost and adler xD
I really wonder if owzo is strafing in real life

PS: Someone should make a movie of the fastest times
ET Speedrunning community. Gotta go fast.
Adle 0:46, missile 1:09 (not official matches tho)
liek 1min or smth on ufo
u cant beat us on home map
Done ~50-65 seconds countless of times. Sorry.

It also happens to be our home map. Lets play official.
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They weren't afk nor was there anyone missing so I don't know what your point is faggot, they jumped off of a bridge and maybe you should do the same.
3:48 masculine vs impact on gr 8]
not sure if official. happened in 2004:

image: kapow
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2 engies 1 medic
normal when trying to beat fast times on base. :D in rtcw too
3.19 in gr (6v6 prem oc img vs euth)
1.30 in battery (6v6 ladder vs bendit)
ok 3:19 in 6v6 is truly impressive :D
no record with eVocati|Funky or Clouver ?
its possible to make database of round times from gamestv by parsing it from html
also u can find very close matches this way
I want to programm it in summer probably in ruby language, contact if u want to help
Why would you go through html, as Gamestv's content is databases anyway?

Just loop through matches 0 - 50000 and find round times from statistics table. You could do that search even in Excel.
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